Gaikai streaming to arrive on PS4 in 2015

Gaikai, the videogame online streaming service which was bought out by Sony for $380 million USD has announced that their […]

New Lost Planet 2 Demo coming to XBL and PSN, hits retail on May 11th

Capcom have just announced that they will be giving out early codes for its new Lost Planet 2 demo, of […]

Final Street Fighter IV character Hakan oils up to fight

While it has long been rumoured, it has finally been confirmed that it is indeed Hakan that will be the […]

EA Sports announces Sports Active 2.0 with new sensors

EA have always been known for its sports titles and they have embraced the new culture towards interactive fitness with […]

Modnation Racers Preview

Modnation Racers for the PlayStation 3 is a kart racing game following in the footsteps of Littlebigplanet‘s “Play, Create, Share.” […]

Tri-Ace and Sega team up on Resonance of Fate

Tri-Ace developer, best known for RPGs such as Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile have teamed up with Sega to produce […]

Yakuza 3 on the PS3 plus Bonus Content

After much fan demand the Yakuza series will be making its way to the PS3 out of Japan almost uncut. […]

Resident Evil 5 Gold exclusive to Game and Gamestation

More news from Capcom Europe, announcing that you can only find Resident Evil 5 Gold from Game or Gamestation exclusively. […]

MotoGP 09/10 Demo on PSN and XBL

We’re pleased to confirm that the MotoGP 09/10 demo will be arriving on XBLA and PSN on Thursday 4th March. The demo will offer players a chance to compete in one of three great game modes – Championship mode, Time Trial and the all new Arcade mode where you win time extensions for executing skilful manoeuvres. Put in a bad performance and your dreams of racing to victory will be over.

Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2 pre-order items confirmed for Europe

Here’s some great news for those who have pre-ordered the latest Capcom games in Super Street Fighter IV and Lost […]


[NSFW] Heavy Rain glitch gives playable nudity

  The PS3 hit title Heavy Rain has gained an awful lot of hype and it seems its fair share […]

PS3 8001050F Error fixed?

It seems that not long ago the infamous 8001050F error that prevented you from playing Trophy enabled games has been fixed. Reported earlier here on eMagi that a Sony PS3 Error 8001050F renders console unusable, Sony has been working rapidly to fix the issue that was caused by a bug with the PS3’s date.

Sony PS3 Error 8001050F renders console unusable

Oh dear, it looks like there is a massive issue with the Sony Playstation 3 which is caused by a […]

Sega’s Project Needlemouse announced as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

Fans of Sonic have long since been yearning for a true 2D sequel of their favourite mascot ever since the less than successful 3D renditions of the iconic hedgehog. When Project Needlemouse was announced it sent Sega fans into a frenzy as the trailer showed off Sonic running through some nostalgic stages and sounds.

Now Sega has officially unveiled what Project Needlemouse actually is and will now be known as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.

Dead or Alive Paradise: ESRB gives its verdict

As if scantly clad virtual females walking around the beach isn’t enough to get your attention, the ESRB has recently past judgement on what the game is about before giving it a rating of M for Mature. Here is how Dead or Alive Paradise was described by Entertainment Software Rating Board: