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How To setup ADB (Android Debug Bridge) UPDATED

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is part of the open source Android SDK that anyone can legally download […]

How to use the Playstation 3 Eye as a webcam on Windows

Full credit goes to AlexP, the administrator of the NUI Group forum for developing this driver to work under Windows! It’s an amazing feat and a feature requested by many people so kudo’s to him! This should work under Windows XP and Vista. Older versions of Windows I am unsure of, however if you have tried it and managed to get it working, please leave a comment so I can credit you.

Online Personalities: Sometimes people are not what they seem…

Staff members from left to right: NeoBlade, TaroTard & Chiisuki TaroTard: When you are speaking to someone on MSN how […]

My move from Windows XP to Windows Vista Ultimate – Part One

I have decided last week that it was time to move one from Windows XP + SP2 to the new […]


How to: Use the Playstation EyeToy with Windows Vista (inc drivers)

I wrote previously on eMagi about how to use your Playstation 2 Eyetoy camera under Windows XP. Well the same […]


How To: Use the Playstation Eyetoy camera as a Windows XP Webcam

An easy to follow guide on how to make your Sony Eyetoy to work on your Windows computer!