How To setup ADB (Android Debug Bridge) UPDATED

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is part of the open source Android SDK that anyone can legally download […]

How to setup Yahoo Email on your Samsung Genio Slide

The first of many guides to the Samsung Genio Slide starts off with a common question; How to setup Yahoo […]

Stephen Fry unboxes new Apple iPad & media iPad Impressions

Stephen Fry, gameshow host of one of my favourite shows Q.I, geeky gadget lover and Apple fanboy has just uploaded […]

Impressions of Donut Launcher modification for Android 1.6

One thing I love about the Android platform is that there are active developers who are willing to add something […]

HTC Evo 4G – My thoughts on the Android Assassin

  The rumoured “HTC Supersonic” has been formally named as the HTC Evo 4G and my word, it feels like […]

Apple iPhone exploited by Pwn2Own, SMS Database stolen

At the Pwn2Own 2010 event where hackers show off their skill, an up-to-date and patched Apple iPhone has been hacked […]

Sony Ericsson X10 gets official release date finally on T-Mobile

Its been a long drawn out affair for those who first set their eyes on the Sony Ericsson X10 Android […]

HTC Desire available now on T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK are now taking orders for the HTC Desire Android smartphone via their website! Delivery for the handset is […]

Windows 7’s XP mode no longer needs hardware virtualisation

Microsoft has announced that the hardware requirements previously needed to run their latest flagship OS, Windows 7, in “XP Mode” […]

HTC Hero gets Android 2.1 upgrade in April

The long rumoured upgrade for HTC Hero has been confirmed a while back but there was no firm release date […]

Google Buzz Widget on Android

Google have been pretty busy with their recent new update to Google Maps and now a brand new Google Buzz […]

Google Maps 4.1 now available for Android

Only a month after the last update, Google Maps have been upgraded once again to version 4.1 adding in a […]

HTC fighting back against Apple

Great news indeed for HTC and Android fans. HTC are not going to be bullied by Apple’s recent legal actions […]

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Android 2.1 upgrade available now! [UPDATE]

Great news for Samsung i5700 Galaxy owners! The latest version of Android is available to download and to apply to […]

HTC Tattoo to get Android 2.1 upgrade

Well well, this is interesting news indeed and it shows how committed HTC are to Android and their loyal early […]