Wii Sports Club adds Golf

The HD version of Wii Sports has now added Golf to the roster along with Tennis and Bowling. The enhanced […]

Yoshi’s New Island coming in Spring 2014

Nintendo has given us a more details to Yoshi’s New Island with a new trailer and a Spring 2014 release […]

Kirby Triple Deluxe 08

Kirby Triple Deluxe for 3DS coming in 2014

Nintendo has shown off a new title called Kirby Triple Deluxe which is due to land on the Nintendo 3DS […]


Legend of Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors for Hyrule Warriors on Wii U

Nintendo has just announced a collaboration with Temco Koei to produce a Dynasty Warriors style videogame based on the Legend […]


MCM London Comic Con May 2013

The MCM London Comic Con is the largest of its kind in the UK and this year it will be […]

New Metroid: Other M Trailer

A new trailer for the Team Ninja and Nintendo produced Metroid title has been released, giving us a glimpse of […]

Nintendo Wii price slash officially confirmed

At the Tokyo Games Show 2009, Nintendo has officially announced that its motion controlled console will be getting a nice […]

Louie Armstrong Parody of Mario World

We like parodies. We like Videogames. So when both clash together its pretty hard to resist! I stumbled across this […]

Gamecube enhanced games coming to Wii

New to Nintendo’s line of games is the ‘Wii de Asobu Selection‘, translated as ‘Play on the Wii Selection‘. What […]

Punch Out returns on Nintendo Wii!

At long last the classic game is being remade for the Nintendo Wii! You would have thought that more boxing […]

Only in Japan: How to improve your workout?

By enlisting maids to join you on Nintendo’s Wii Fit game of course! Only in Japan would you see such […]

New Nintendo DS with Camera and Music playback!

Yes you have heard right, Nintendo has announced that their highly popular hand held the Nintendo DS will get an […]

Animal Crossing Wii in for Christmas 2008!

Yes you have heard right, Nintendo has committed itself to have quite a big splash with Wii Music coming out […]

Iwata confirms Nintendo Wii 2

However it won’t be around for quite some time yet, as the Nintendo Wii continues to sell and attract new […]


Samus and Link heading to Europe in October 2007

Gaming heroes Samus and Link from┬áMetroid Prime 3: Corruption and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass respectively and have been […]