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You’re Beautiful – Episode 4

So episode 3 ended with our hero Tae Kyung jumping into the pool to save Mi Nyu, even though he specifically said he would not be helping her :PIn traditional drama style the guy saves the girl and the relationship develops… HOWEVER the Hong Sister’s…

You’re Beautiful – Episode 2

The episode begins with Mi Nyu waking up to find herself asleep with the rest of the A.N.JELL members, shocked and not remebering how she got there she quickly leaves to ponder what happened the night before.After much pacing she realises her lip hurts…

You’re Beautiful – Episode 1

Ok so I had been waiting very impatiently for this drama for quite some time. I was excited about the first episode but not quite as excited as some. I made a conscious decision this time NOT to read spoilers in the hope that it wouldn’t affect my feel…

You’re Beautiful

A.N.JELL is a big group in Korea, after the anouncement of a new member by the name of Go Mi Nam. Go Mi Nam’s manager is put in a spot of trouble. After putting Go Mi Nam up for eye surgery and it going wrong he then has no new member to debut and the pictures have been sent out.
As luck has it Go Mi Nam has an identical twin sister called Go Mi Nyu who is in training to be a nun. Ma Hoon Yi the manager goes in search of Go Mi Nyu in the hope that he will find someone to stand in.

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 16 (Finale)

So it’s finally here, the last episode…. how the story ends! :oEpisode 15 ended with the break up of Hye Na and Dong Chan.Episode 16 starts with Grandpa Kang returning home, Hye Na says nothing has changed except he is not there, as she says these wo…

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 15

After the killer ending of episode 14. We start episode 15 with Hye Na and Dong Chan waking up together. They have a cute moment where they mess about, the scene is cute but I don’t know why the scene is a little weird to me with the absence of speech….

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 14

Episode 13 ended with Hye Na asking Dong Chan to run away with her. In episode 14 they do just that.Hye Na drags Dong Chan away and the pair hide, when they are safe Dong Chan grabs Hye Na and asks her what’s going on. She explains the situation and Do…

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 13

Episode 13 and Hye Na and Dong Chan are finally a couple! YAY!So after finally having a kiss at the end of episode 12, the pair leave the hospital together. As they sit outside together, Dong Chan seems in shock 😛 whilst Hye Na seems to be happily ner…

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 12

So episode 11 ended with Hye Na waking up to Dong Chan’s face. I will be honest I really thought she was going to be dreaming. But as it turns out she got so drunk she called Dong Chan… again, this is becoming a regular occurence haha.Hye Na tries to…

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 11

So Episode 10 ended at the party, which is where episode 11 takes off. Eui Joo angry at witnessing the scene between Dong Chan and Hye Na, tells Tae Yoon the truth. She tells him all about Dong Chan being a Gigolo and conning Hye Na and she also tells …


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Hello Kitty Online Europe now open

The Hello Kitty craze is about to get even larger now that the official Hello Kitty Online game has completed […]

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 10

So Episode 9 was pretty tense ne? Hopefully Episode 10 will soften things up a bit for everyone.After the extremely emotional last 10 minutes of episode 9, Hye Na and Dong Chan are left in the embrace they ended up in after Dong Chan saved Hye Na from …

Street Fighter Akuma Figure from SOTA Toys

This impressive resin figure of the evil Akuma from Street Fighter II not only looks fantastic but it also has […]

Take Care of the Young Lady – Episode 9

Episode 8 left us on a mighty cliff hanger… it looked as if Dong Chan was found out! But it seems us viewers took the bait.In this episode we are shown the scene before Dong Chan arrived, the loan sharks are recognised by Soo Ah who tells Hye Na they…