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Sweeten that sex life with Cola Lotion (SFW)

Yes, you’ve read that right, in Japan they are selling you this Cola flavoured lotion that is aimed to make […]

Stephen Fry unboxes new Apple iPad & media iPad Impressions

Stephen Fry, gameshow host of one of my favourite shows Q.I, geeky gadget lover and Apple fanboy has just uploaded […]

Kit Kats of the World

The Japanese are known for the love of the original Kit Kat and have produced hundreds of unique of weird and wonderful flavours of the chocolate covered wafer. With so many available and with so many different flavours ranging from Wasabi to Soy Sauce it might be difficult to keep track of them all.

[Blog] Female only toilets on All Nippon Airways?

I was browsing the net as I settle down to write something in my blog and found this rather odd […]

Random Caption Fun: Street Fighter IV

Fei Long: Fear my new special move! NIPPLE TWEAK! Its been a while since I’ve last put up a Random […]

Gundam 00: Gundam Meisters on Playstation 2 Review

Format: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action, Hack & Slash Developer: Yuze Publisher: Bandai Region: Japan (Import) Price: £37.90 from Play-Asia Being […]

My Wii has been shipped…

Soon that will by my grubby hand on a Wii… Yep, its been shipped from Canada and it has cost […]


Now we’ve all heard of Air Guitar, everyone does it when listening to their fave rock song but have you […]

Yatta Yatta YATTA!

Quality fun lol. Sing along now! u9rWFZesV8s

Taking the Wii to the next level…

Heres a but of fun someone had with the Nintendo Wii remote… Its a pretty good watch to see how […]

Red Dwarf – Ace Rimmer

H_Nq20J0kiE [Discuss]