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Anime Review – Vampire Knight (Ep 1 – 13)

Vampire Knight was one of several shoujo shows airing over the spring/summer period. Like most shows in the shoujo genre […]

Anime Review – CLANNAD – Tomoyo OVA (Ep 24)

I’ve waited patiently for the CLANNAD OVA to come out for a while. Although please bear in mind this is […]


Anime Review – Kanokon (Ep 1-12)

My first series review from spring season and I had to start with what I have to say was the […]


Anime Preview – Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

Well it’s summer season already (strange I didn’t think Spring had actually finished yet) and we welcome back the series […]

Anime Preview: S.A. ~Special A~ (Ep 1)

S.A. or Special A is the new comedy/ drama series from Gonzo based on the original manga by Maki Minami. […]

Anime Review – Mnemosyne (OVA’s)

Mnemosyne is a 6 episode supernatural Horror/Thriller series from Xebec. I will first say it is pretty graphic, with scenes […]

Anime Review: Spice+Wolf (Ep 1-6, 8-13)

Spice+Wolf was yet another pleasant surprise this season, this Supernatural Historical Adventure series ticked all the right boxes in managing […]

Anime Preview: Kanokon (Ep 1)

Kanokon or another anime of fox girls, bouncing boobs and Pantsu! from Xebec , The character designs are pleasing enough […]

Anime Review: H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ (Ep 1- 12)

H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ turned out to be an more interesting series than I originally predicted. The quality of […]

Anime Review: Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi an adorable little kitten is the star of Chi’s Sweet Home, an anime by Madhouse Studios which consists of […]

Anime Review: CLANNAD (Ep 1- 22 + Extra Chapter)

Kyoto Animation’s CLANNAD was in my eyes the show that made Fall season. I don’t think I could sing the […]


Anime Review: Rosario and Vampire (Ep 1-13)

Rosario+Vampire or the series of Vampires, Monsters and Pantsu! When it comes to fan service this series had it by […]

Anime Review: True Tears (Ep 1 -13)

The second half of the fall season was a mixed bag of shows and as I predicted in my preview […]

Anime Review: Koharu Biyori – (OVA)

Koharu Biyori (OVA) is a series of 3 OVA’s about Takaya Murase an otaku who purchases the maid robot Yui. […]

Anime Review: Candy Boy (ONA)

Candy Boy is a 10 minute long ONA by AIC, This short anime follows the daily life of sisters Yukino […]