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Hello Kitty turns 40, collaborates with Japanese boyband SMAP

This year the loveable mascot Hello Kitty turns 40! To celebrate, Sanrio has announced collaborative merchandise at their Sanrio Expo […]

Street Fighter IV Vega figure by Tsume-Art available for pre-order

Following on Tsume-Art rendition of Chun-Li as a figure, their creative team has also created one for the famous Spanish Torero, […]


Street Fighter IV Chun-Li figure available for pre-order by Tsume-Art

Tsume-Art has opened up their pre-orders for their fantastically detailed rendition of Chun-Li from Street Fighter IV. Featuring some impressive level […]


Sweeten that sex life with Cola Lotion (SFW)

Yes, you’ve read that right, in Japan they are selling you this Cola flavoured lotion that is aimed to make […]

Stephen Fry unboxes new Apple iPad & media iPad Impressions

Stephen Fry, gameshow host of one of my favourite shows Q.I, geeky gadget lover and Apple fanboy has just uploaded […]


Hyakka Ryoran 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Senhime

Found this rather attractive figure during my travels and thought I would share it with you all! Senhime from the […]


Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (VN02 MIX Version)

Under the hands of the famous illustrator Nagimiso, the virtual idol Hatsune Miku portrays a new maturity that fits her image in the VN02mix of her original song Moon. Combining forces with the illustrator, Max Factory brought the virtual idol alive once again, through delicate workmanship and attention to the smallest details.

Kit Kats of the World

The Japanese are known for the love of the original Kit Kat and have produced hundreds of unique of weird and wonderful flavours of the chocolate covered wafer. With so many available and with so many different flavours ranging from Wasabi to Soy Sauce it might be difficult to keep track of them all.

[Blog] Female only toilets on All Nippon Airways?

I was browsing the net as I settle down to write something in my blog and found this rather odd […]

You’re Beautiful – Episode 11

So episode 11 picks up from the press conference where Shin Woo seemingly saved the day at the end of episode 10.So that he can get her out without her being seen by the cameras, Tae Kyung gives Shin Woo his jacket to cover her head. Shin Woo puts it o…

You’re Beautiful – Episode 10

So then, episode 9 ended with He Yi confronting Mi Nyeo about liking Tae Kyung. When Mi Nyeo doesn’t answer her subtle question about, which coulour she prefers; lime, black or yellow, she repeats the question but uses the boys names instead asking Jer…

You’re Beautiful – Episode 9

After the upsetting ordeal with his Mom, Tae Kyung sits in the offices quiet and alone. Mi Nyeo watches from afar wondering what she can do for him when he runs out of water. She decides to get some for him, she replaces it but he doesn’t notice someon…

You’re Beautiful – Episode 8

So Tae Kyung follows Hoon Yi out and asks what is happening. Hoon Yi tells him that it is obvious that Mi Nyeo has fallen in love with Shin Woo ¬¬ (where he got this from I do not know ¬¬) Tae Kyung is obviously not happy to hear the news. Hoon Yi …

You’re Beautiful – Episode 6

So after the Taser incident at the end of episode 5, Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung inadvertently end up sharing the same bed… unbeknownst to Tae Kyung :PHoon Yi enters Tae Kyung’s room the next morning to check on the pair and almost has a heart attack when …

You’re Beautiful – Episode 5

Episode 4 left Mi Nyu crying and surprisngly being comforted by Tae Kyung.Shin Woo and Jeremy walked in on the pair to witness the scene, but the episode ended without Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung noticing.Tae Kyung tells Mi Nyu not to cry as she will be disco…