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Hironobu Sakaguchi FF Creator Criticizes Sony PS3

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi speaking to US based EGM publication criticized the PS3 saying the machines architecture is too […]

Kate Moss Top Shop clothing line launches

The much talked about fashion news as of late in Britain has been the launch of the Kate Moss fashion […]

Sony says we’re sorry to Kotaku

Yesterday we blogged about the feud between gaming bloggers Kotaku and Sony, over publishing of a rumor about “Playstation Home”. […]

Sony bans Kotaku today blogged about a rumor they had received about the PS3’s online community features dubbed “Playstation Home” which are […]

D&G 2008 Womens Winter Fashion

Last Thursday Feb 22nd the fashion world turned its eyes to Milan for the womens 2008 D&G winter fashion show. […]

Cool Funky JS Hack

OK here’s one for the fellow geeks. This is a little fun hack for you to try out on your […]

Blip Festival

The Blip Festival is a four-day international cultural event taking place in New York City this December, focusing on the […]

Leicester Square gets free wifi

As of yesterday London’s Leicester Square will have free 8mbps ‘no catch’ Internet access. The connection is available 24 hours […]

Um does anybody know the lyrics to my song?

Lilly Allen the 21 year old UK pop star known for her brash behavior and topping the UK pop charts […]

Wii Elbow!

The Nintendo Wii which is slated as the must have Christmas present for 2006 and due for launch on the […]

Worst Burglar

Man if you’ve ever seen botched robbery’s then this surely takes the biscuit. This guy should have just stayed at […]


Oh how kewl is this mashup. Che vs Star Wars Trooper ^_^ Its a limited edition numbered 6 inch resin […]

Final Fantasy V US version impressions

Game Life on Wired has posted up first impressions of Final Fantasy V US version. Final Fantasy V Advance is […]

Trusted Computing – What is it really ?

Trust is the personal believe in correctness of something. It is the deep conviction of truth and rightness, and can […]

Dick “Scarface” Cheney

Class mashup video of Dick Cheney giving a Scarface style speech.