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Information: Title: (Angel-a) Certificate: (15: UK, 15: IRE) Released by: (Optimum releasing’s Optimum world brand) Run Time: (88 Minutes: PAL) […]

Music of the world

I haven’t been the model example of writing in emagi as I’ve not posted anything that isn’t depressing since mid […]

Bob Woolmer, Murdered.

A few hours ago the Jamaican police confirmed that the post-mortem has attributed Bob Woolmer’s death  to asphyxiation by means […]

Cricket in deep tragedy

Today or more specifically yesterday morning The Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his hotel room, he was […]

Die Fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei

Information: Title: (The Edukators. Originally, Die fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei) Certificate: (15: UK) Released by: (Pathé) Run Time: (125 minutes: […]

Empire of the Wolves

Information: Title: (Empire of the wolves, L’Empire des loups) Certificate: (15: UK)(18: IRL) Released by: (Sony Pictures) Run Time: (123 […]

Taxi 3

Information: Title: (Taxi 3) Certificate: (15)(UK) Released by: (Optimum Home)(It should be noted that the releaser is different for the […]

The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei:Kariosutoro no shiro)

Information: Title: (the Castle of Cagliostro or Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro) Certificate: (PG) Released by: (Optimum Releasing’s Optimum Asia) […]

Infernal affairs III(Mou Gaan Dou III)

Information: Title: (Infernal Affairs III or Mou Gaan Dou III) Certificate: (15) Released by: (Tartan Video’s Tartan Asia Extreme label) […]

Infernal Affairs II (Mou Gaan Dou II)

Information: Title: (Infernal Affairs II or Mou Gaan Dou II) Certificate: (15) Released by: (Tartan Video’s Tartan Asia Extreme Label) […]

Infernal Affairs (Mou Gaan Dou)

Information: Title: (Infernal Affairs or Mou gaan dou) Certificate: (15) Released by: (Tartan video’s Tartan Asia extreme label) Run Time: […]

Richard Hammond in Car Crash

Richard Hammond, Co-Presenter of the BBC motoring programme Top Gear is in A Leeds hospital today after being involved in […]

City of God(Cidade de Deus)

Information: Title: (Cidade De Deus, ‘City of God’) Certificate: (18) Released by: (Miramax) Run time: (124 minutes) Origin: (Brazil) Language: […]


Information: Title (Innocence or Ghost in the shell 2) Certificate (15) DVD Releaser (Manga Entertainment) Run Time (96 minutes) Language […]

Taxi 1&2

Information: Title (Taxi) Certificate (15) DVD releaser (Prism leisure) Run time (86 minutes) Language (French) Former pizza delivery boy Daniel […]