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Final Fight (Arcade)

Cody, Guy and Haggar are the playable characters in this classic street brawler. This game defined side scrolling fighting titles […]

Anime Review: Samurai Champloo

Samurai meets modern Hip-Hop is the best way to describe this highly stylish and beautifully directed anime. From the director […]

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1

A whole new TV series created in the Ghost in the Shell universe. Produced by Production I.G this is a […]

One Piece

There once was a man called Gold Roger who was renowned to be the best pirate alive. He had wealth, […]


Twelve years ago the village was saved from an evil demon called “Kiyuubi no Youko”, a nine tailed fox demon, […]


Ever since a young age he was able to feel the spiritual energy of ghosts and entities. As he grew […]


The premise of this fantastic anime follows the life of some school girls during their normal life. How normal? Well […]

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Taking place two years after the original Final Fantasy VII videogame is a world still recovering from the damage left […]

Playstation 3 Overview

Sony PS3 – The Powerhouse The Japanese Giant has learnt a lot from the current generation battle and has put […]

N64 – F-Zero

Fast paced, lethal and supercharged ‘Space-Race’ action in this one. F-Zero for the N64 was one of the N64 games […]