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You’re Beautiful – Episode 2

The episode begins with Mi Nyu waking up to find herself asleep with the rest of the A.N.JELL members, shocked and not remebering how she got there she quickly leaves to ponder what happened the night before.After much pacing she realises her lip hurts…

New Manga: December 2008

(Image – Object of Desire published by Luv Luv) This list only covers new manga series: 1520 – Udon Akihabara@Deep […]

Retro Review – Final Fantasy VII

For many it’s the best game ever created, for others its, well not, and some say it’s overrated. At the […]

Review: Infinite Undiscovery

With Role Playing Games slowly on the rise on microsofts 360, it wasn’t really a surprise when Square Enix announced […]

Doraemon appointed as Anime Ambassador

Japan has appointed Doraemon as it’s first ever Anime diplomat, it is hoped that by acting as a charm ambassador […]

Britney Hits it Baby Anime Style

Or Break(s) the Ice to be more exact, Britney Spears has released a new Anime style music video for her […]

Animator versus Animation

Here’s a wonderful Flash video clip featuring an animator battling against his own animation. A stick figure is created by […]

The moment when Lewis Hamilton crashed a charity kart

The world championship leader and two-times Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton suffered an embarrassing moment when he damaged the go-kart […]

Sony you went wrong with your PS3

A parody song helping Sony understand where they went wrong and how they killed their brand. Step 1 you make […]

Transformers!!!! Strange men in disguise!!!! O_O

Ahem, yes indeed! As cosplaying goes this guys got skill!!! Looks terribly uncomfortable though but very handy on those Fanta […]

PSP – Midnight Club 3: Dub or Dumb Edition?

Okay I admit, this title seems very negative but it is justified, I promise! The fact is I love this […]