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Blip Festival

The Blip Festival is a four-day international cultural event taking place in New York City this December, focusing on the […]


Oh how kewl is this mashup. Che vs Star Wars Trooper ^_^ Its a limited edition numbered 6 inch resin […]

Slides at Tate Modern

Visitors to London’s Tate Modern will see a unique sculpture in the main Turbine Hall, a giant slide. There are […]

The Lighting Doodle Project (PIKAPIKA)

 or Painting with light in motion. Anyone has seen one of those shots of light in motion taken with long […]

Stylish F1 pieces for the home from Renault F1

Love Formula One? Seeking a way to spend all of your disposable cash for your cool pad based on your […]

Emagi Web 2.0 Stylee Podcast Logos

The Emagi podcast should be releasing in a weeks time. Here are some concept logo’s created by our favourite designer. […]

How To Become A YouTube Star

The register posted up a top ten list of how to become a YouTube star 10. Make high-quality one-minute vids […]

Bush Vampire

Check out this image uploaded by flickr user pantufla By Alex Ross.

Awesome paper cut artwork

Cut from paper! Peter Callesen describes his work as: My paper works has lately been based around an exploration of […]

Cheeb’s LineArt

This is a piece of lineart by Cheeb that was done somewhat recently. Her’s what she had to say about […]