Manga Reviews

New Manga: December 2008

(Image – Object of Desire published by Luv Luv) This list only covers new manga series: 1520 – Udon Akihabara@Deep […]

Manga Review – Chibi Vampire 1

Favourite quote, “I’m being tricked by a magical raccoon, aren’t I? I know a magical raccoon when I see one…” […]

New Manga: November 2008

(Image – Inukami, published by Gomanga) This list will be updated once Tokyopop have a complete release schedule on their […]

Manga Review – Red Colored Elegy

“I wish everything, and everyone, would all go to hell, to hell!“ Red Colored Elegy by Seiichi Hayashi is a […]

Manga Review: Fairy Cube

By Kaori Yuki Ian Hasumi is special, he can see fairies. He can also see his twin Tokage who no […]

Manga Review – Strawberry Panic! (Vol. 1-2)

Strawberry Panic! by Sakurako Kimino and art by Takuminamuchi is the flagship title from Seven Seas ‘Strawberry’ Line. This is […]

Manga Review – Stray Little Devil (Vol. 1-5)

Stray Little Devil by Kotaro Mori (the mangaka of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagan, he also did the character designs for the […]

Manga Review – Kannazuki No Miko (Vol. 1+2)

The most famous (or in some cases infamous) Yuri manga Kannazuki No Miko by Kaishaku finally was published this year […]

Ghost Hunt

Story by – Fuyumi Ono/ Art by – Shiho Inada Based on the novels by the same name, Ghost Hunt […]

Manga Review – First Love Sisters Vol. 1

My second review from Seven Sea’s Strawberry Line is First Love Sisters Vol 1, written by Mako Komao and art […]

Manga Review – Voiceful

I’ve been waiting with eager anticipation for the publication of Seven Seas Entertainment’s Strawberry line, Myself being a huge fan […]

Death Note – Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by Nisioisin

Most avid anime and manga fans will have heard of Death Note. A chilling tale about how godly power can […]


(Story: Seimaru Amagi/ Art: Tetsuya Koshiba – Tokyopop) Kurumi Ayaki is all set to retire from the police force. She […]

Lupin The Third (Manga)

So to start off I’d like to say that I’ve always wanted to be a thief and have to that […]