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MCM London Comic Con May 2013

The MCM London Comic Con is the largest of its kind in the UK and this year it will be […]

Cosplay Interview 04 – Sean

Hello! Thank you once more to be interviewed for Please state your name and current occupation. My name is […]

The Definition of Moe

Pronounced as “mo-eh“, it is a Japanese slang term used often in anime and manga to describe a deep love […]

Cosplay Interview 03: Luki

Image copyright of Iggie Hello! Thank you once more to be interviewed for Please state your name (don’t need […]

Cosplay Interview 02 – TaroTard

We previously interviewed Potential Angel here at eMagi and we present the second round of interviews with the lovely TaroTard! […]

Cosplay Interview 01 – Potential Angel

As part of an ongoing feature here on eMagi we shall produce a series of interviews from cosplayers all around […]

Only in Japan: How to improve your workout?

By enlisting maids to join you on Nintendo’s Wii Fit game of course! Only in Japan would you see such […]

Miruru’s Cosplay Experience

London Expo October 2006 was my first experience at cosplaying. I didn’t want to buy a cosplay and decided to […]

ALcon 2008: The Yaoi Panel

Yaoi Panels seem to be highly popular at conventions thesedays due to the topic matter and the huge draw and […]

ALcon 2008 Anime Convention Feature: Part Three

Previously in Part One on eMagi we covered what ALcon 2008 was about, the dealers and screenings that happened and […]

ALcon 2008: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

When you’re the only one who hasn’t seen a series and all your friends are quoting it, it’s hard not […]

ALcon 2008 Anime Convention Feature – Part Two

Previously in Part One I wrote about the way ALcon was structured and what screenings went on and now we […]

ALcon 2008 Anime Convention Feature – Part One

eMagi recently got back from the fun that was ALcon 2008 after previously attending last year’s debut convention and will […]

TaroTard’s Cosplay Experience

My first ever cosplay (just think costume play merged together, it’s the anime term for dressing up) was back in […]

Cosplay Creation: The Star Guitar

My girlfriend is cosplaying for Amecon and she needed a prop… An easy way would be to use the PS2/PS3 […]