New look to the PlayStation 3 camera

PlayStation Eye

This is the new camera peripheral for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. The PlayStation Eye – dropping the ‘Toy’ from its moniker – will feature a build-in microphone (the big hideous bit on top of the lens) and editing software for the user to play with.

Unfortunately, the camera resolution is not good enough for proper High Definition – which is a shame – but looking at the technical specs, the camera is an improvement over the PlayStation 2’s EyeToy with better frame rate (60 frames per second) and two new screen resolutions (640 x 480 and 320 x 240).

The camera will include EyeCreate, which is Sony’s new media editing software. The user can modify any videos, photographs and audio clips by adding special visual effects. This can be later saved onto the hard drive. In addition, there will be new capturing modes like slow-motion and time lapse.

No details on the price of this new peripheral but the product will be available in Europe and North America this summer.