Yahoo Mail with unlimited storage, Flickr to follow suit?

“freedom to never worry about deleting old messages again”

Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer

The battle for online email supremacy has now heated up, with Yahoo! announcing that it will upgrade its online storage for emails from 1GB to unlimited! While I’m an avid fan of GMail myself, this is in direct competition to Google who has so far offered 2.8GB of storage space to its registered members.

The move to unlimited storage space it seems was directed because of the rise of rich media content sharing amongst their users, however Yahoo are ensuring that this new announcement does not get abused by spammers. The service is for personal use only but no further news in terms of maximum file sizes allowed for attachments and the small print just yet. All of this however will take place within the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for Yahoo! so there is no strict ETA. With Yahoo! moving into the unlimited storage space this could filter though to Flickr too, a popular photo sharing service with a huge userbase.

“We are looking at those on a case-by-case basis,” said Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer which suggests other surprised could be on its way. Competition is good for the market and at the end of the day the consumer wins. Lets hope that more good news is on the way!

  • I’m a fan of gmail too. Although I heard yahoo’s beta online mail application is far better.