LG Mobile and Google get friendly


LG and Google has announced their partnership which will see many popular Google services being pre-loaded on LG Mobile phones in mid 2007. Services such as Google Maps, GMail and Blogger Mobile will be available as well as Google Search via an icon within the applications menu from the off.

While you can access these services on WAP enabled mobile phones already it is Google’s first step into actually having such services pre-installed, offering the user instant access. No news just yet as to which LG Mobile‘s will get such treatment and no news either if new LG Shine mobile will also get the extra features built in.

Now if only mobile phone companies did the same with Opera Mini

  • I’ve seen the new blackberry phones you can install google maps on that. But LG is going to be the first to have it already installed deffo hope the rest follow, cos that feature is just too kewl.