Future vision by Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani's sportscar

German industrial designer Luigi Colani has created some unusual and amazing pieces of design work over the last six decades.

In a new exhibition at London’s Design Museum, Colani’s remarkable large-scale prototype designs include trucks, aircraft and cars. The designer is a great maverick of 20th century design and his ideas have set a trend in creating alternative futuristic concepts for transport and architecture.

His cars in particular are visually striking. The image you see here is a concept sportscar the German created back in 1970.

Please visit the official Design Museum website to book tickets and see Colani’s future vision up close and personal.

  • I am REALLY liking the design of this car. >_> It almost looks as if it could hover across the pavement because of its clean, smooth, futuristic, even almost aerodynamic sort of look.

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