Self Portrait in style of Francis Bacon

This was a homework piece for college; we had to paint a self portrait in a style of an artist from a list that was given to us. I chose to use Francis Bacon’s “Head VI” as a source of inspiration.

For this I coated a piece of thick card with gesso using newspaper to create a range of rough textures, then applied a watery brown wash and let it run dry. After that I went wild with the paint, keeping the brush dry to keep the piece looking raw and edgy.

I like this piece, and had I known this I’d have probably picked a more suitable canvas than a cut-out from an old file!

  • walking leaf

    Very impressive Naomi. I’ve seen Francis Bacon’s work at Tate Modern and even though some people think his art style is a bit bleak and disturbing, I find it visually stimulating.

    Your self portrait fits the mood of Bacon’s work very well and I look forward to more paintings.

  • Well done! I like it a lot and I’m a Bacon fan. Just a thing: the mouth for me would be better more blurred and more in front. And more screaming too. Anyway great! 🙂

  • Josh


    This is a fantastic self portrait and painting. You have indeed captured the raw feeling and mood of the painting. In fact, if you like this style, you may be interested in the art that went into the earlier Silent Hill games.

    Nice work,