Sony you went wrong with your PS3

A parody song helping Sony understand where they went wrong and how they killed their brand.

Step 1 you make your console cost the most, then you beat your chest and boast.

Sony you went wrong with your ps3
I’ll just keep playing my 360
Now you know how you killed your brand.

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Very kewl [Source]

  • Phil Harrison needs firing.

  • Snige

    Lol thats really funny. Mate’s gone to US and says you can just walk into a shop and pick a PS3 off the shelf. And over there the 60 gig version is $600. That’s just over £300 atm with the good exchange rate. And we have to pay £425?!!!

  • woah, I’m deffo gonna wait to see how the market plays out. I’m not paying anything near 400 for a sony PS3 specially knowing the quality of sony consoles. I’ve been through 3 ps2s.

    Also did you hear in Japan they were criticized for not having full ps2 disc computability and thats with a ps2 built in, and apparently the UK version is going to be even less compatible with the ol’ ps2 games.

    The tunes deffo catchy though 🙂