Please Teacher Review

This Anime brings you in with a rather strange beginning a young boy Kei Kusanagi a boy of 18 years of age who is found to have a rare coma inflicting illness he contracted after seeing his sister commit suicide, this illness very much consumes Kei and his life causing him to go into a three year coma which has left his body in the state of a 15 year old. After the rejection of his illness by his friends in Tokyo Kei moves to his (Pervy and heavily bearded) Uncles, Minoru Kusanagi’s of whom is a Doctor, Kei manages to fit in with a new group of friends but finds himself unable to tell them about his life changing “standstills” and his three year coma for the fear of rejection”.


At the very beginning of this Anime we find Kei laying in his local park laying in the grass what seems like a very normal thing for anybody to do, as he begins to talk about the universe clips of a unidentified flying object begin to flash onto the screen every now and then as he daydreams he eventually is blown up and away by a strange whirlpool in the lake beside him as he wakes up he realises he had been in a shortened “standstill” from this whirlpool emerges a (Very much attractive humanoid character) Mizuho Kazami, from this one encounter the rest of the story unfolds.



Kei finds himself in a deteriorating situation ever since he meets Mizuho on the first day we see him at his school (In the manga referred to as Nagano Prefectural Kizaki High school) one of Kei’s close friends Hyosuke Magumo announces to the class that their previous teacher has left and will be replaced by a young and beautiful new female teacher who turns out to be Mizuho Kazami. At the point of her entry to the class she is portrayed as very innocent and normal human being of which is very shy towards her students, moving from the school scene Kei is found on his balcony looking over the lake when he notices his teacher moving heavy boxes next door to him stating the obvious she is moving in next to him. After a series of events Mizuho reveals herself as an alien and eventually is transported in a frenzy into Kei’s uncles bath with Kei himself from this the story reveals there is more to people than you think.

(Cant tell you any more without giving away the storyline)

Anime Train StationTrain Station

How this baby looks

This beautiful setting that some people have said is the area of Matsumoto-shi. There is physical proof of this, which is shown in the various comparison pictures below that show the true beauty and the attention of detail that these creators put into their work for out viewing pleasure. Not a lot more can be said apart from the animation is very smooth and my most highly recommended scene is the scene with Mizuho and Kei in the sea, which really shows off the pure finesse of this wonderful Anime.

HouseReal House

Audio enlightenment

The audio side of this does let it down slightly, whereas other Anime series I’ve seen have a crisp ambient sound behind the speech this Anime is lacking a lot of that crucial ambience that finishes it off. More can be said for the dubbing which is of possibly the highest quality I’ve seen the English voice overs are very fitting of their characters although characters such as Mizuho can be slightly annoying with high pitched squeals which aren’t exactly few and far between.

My overall thoughts are…

This Anime isn’t for anyone who is expecting any action it is a very laid back and easy going series which will absorb you like it does to any house wife with Coronation street Or Neighbours but fortunately without the dodgy Aussie accent, overall this Anime really does fit into the Rom/Com genre all in all a very enjoyable Anime (recommended time to watch = In bed with Pocky)


  • Awesome. lol in bed with Pocky. I like the way you have shown the attention to detail its practically the same thing. Nothing wrong with missing a little action now and then I say. Very kewl review.

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  • Something makes me wonder if the Japanese actually know any medical science, could just be the animé producers though. Coma’s leave you the same age?…

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