Lupin The Third (Manga)

Lupin III: v. 1

So to start off I’d like to say that I’ve always wanted to be a thief and have to that end loved reading about them, But since I’m not an acrobat and don’t own a chateau so I’m not going to be able to accomplish that.

Right, Lets talk about Lupin, he is your normal thief; Self-serving most of the time but he does have another side to him. Patriot comes to mind when thinking about him. The most interesting side to the character is his love for the ladies! This man really would not let a beautiful Lady go by without trying.

The other characters serve their purpose but in these early volumes they only come into it occasionally but those chapters are good so it proves that these characters are not throw a ways that are only there for a short time then get killed off.

The artwork is very good and stylish, I wish it went a little further but then that is because I am male. The visual jokes are good but aren’t as good as the jokes you get in the pink panther films, but then that’s not manga and Sellers was in that.

As far as the written jokes go, there good and I really like them. The one I really love is in Chapter eleven and in takes place within a car, some people might not think its good but I like it. Some of the Scenes involving the ladies can be funny but I think I will be blasted as sexist for saying that go ahead; Microsoft word says I am.

Lupin III is based on the Arséne Lupin stories by early twentieth century French writer Maurice Leblanc. Arséne lupin was famed for being a ladies man, a luck thief and French equivalent to Herlock sholmes or Sherlock Holmes if you are going by the real name. The stories have gained great legend in France somewhat like Lupin the thirds fame in Japan.

The creators of Lupin III were actually taken to court by the Leblanc estate for breach of copyright, after some talks it was decided that the name would only be used in Japan. This created a funny situation when the anime was being translated; they had to use different names. However, in The Nineties Arséne Lupin fell into the public domain meaning that it could be used officially for the Lupin III brand.

Overall what do I think about Lupin? He is a cool person; if he were real then I think, he would have one hell of a following by people like me who like thieves. Wait! He already has one!

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