Skateboard vision

Skateboard image

These beautiful and stylish images are from photographer Steve Harries’ new book Reading Lines.

The book is a collection of photos of London skateboarders and the public spaces they explore, exploit and interact with.

“The subjects portrayed in these works are both the skateboarders and also some of London’s most iconic buildings,” explains Harries. “They are from the length and breadth of the community – young, old, amateur and professional, of varying backgrounds and professions. What unites them is an interest in public space and a desire to interact with the planes, surfaces and textures of London’s built environment.”

Each image are accompanied by text, not only by well-regarded members of the skateboarding community such as Paul Sunman, founder of Slam City Skates, but also by a selection of high profile young architects.

For more information on photographer Steven Harries, including a portfolio of his work, please visit the site here

  • Emily

    Hi Elton. A nice piece of work you’ve done there. Very interesting indeed! I like the photo’s, they’re very good. Maybe I should take my skateboard in March to the expo? 😉


  • walking leaf

    Don’t thank me as I wasn’t the one who creating these images. The work is by Steve Harries and looking at his portfolio online, his photographs are a work of art.

    The next you are in London Emily, we could try to pull off something similar? 😉