Ape Academy

Ape Academy

Ape Academy fits into the ‘party game’ category – namely, it offers tons of short, easy-to-learn and addictive games that are designed to be played by a group of people. Or in this case, cute little primates.

The 50+ button-bashing interludes range from mini game staples such as bowling, air hockey and follow-my-lead rhythm games to more curious pursuits, like the matador simulator(!), or the ultra short (the game last an average 0.3 seconds) one-yard dash.

While the single player modes are loads of fun, it’s the multiplayer options that maked with the monkey magic. Head-to-head chimp challenges are available, with up to four players using a share PSP, as you share the controls. Going ‘ape’ with your ‘pri-mates’ has never been such a tempting prospect.

To be honest, this game is bizzare with surreal mini games. Similar in concept to Nintendo’s Wario Ware series (short and frantic mini games). There’s an amazing amount of stuff to do, and it’s fantastic. When was the last time you guarded a giant banana against an onslaught of ravenous zombie-apes? Exactly… Monkey Magic at it’s best on the PSP!

As a fan of Nintendo’s Wario Ware on the Game Boy, I always enjoy the bizarre and amusing mini games offered by Wario. The cute graphics and simple gameplay kept me addicted.

This also applies to the wonderful Super Monkey Ball on the GameCube. Those mini party games (once you have unlocked them by collecting a number of points) are the stars. Monkey Target, Monkey Grand Prix and Monkey Fight are fantastic in multiplayer mode.

To see these two games combined into one, is great for those seeking mad monkey action!

Final Verdict

Fantastic monkey action. Love Super Monkey Ball and Wario Ware? Put them together and you have Ape Academy. Crazy and addictive party games for evertyone! 8/10