WipEout Pure

WipEout Pure

Arcade thrills are what the PSP has been made for, and if it’s fast and furious gameplay you are looking for, then it doesn’t come much faster (and it’s hard to imagine anything more furious) than WipEout Pure.

From the off, this WipEout offeres ultra-fast racing action, combined with bonus weapons and the sort of track designs that usually reserved for the fairgrounds (corkscrews and banked turns).

Massive tracks undulate widely, with swooping downhill chjcanes mixing it up with visually stunning environments and strategically placed power-ups and bonus features.

Frankly, it’s hard to believe that a better hi-octane racing game will appear on the PSPfor some time.

Having seen the Pure in action, we’re convinced that it’s sure to do for the PSP what the original did for the PSone when that was released way back in 1995. One of the original PSone games, the first WipEout impressed not only potential PSone buyers, but also those wavering betweenthe PSone and Sega’s very decent but underpowered Saturn console.

Flash forward ten years and we come bang up to date with WipEout Pure. There are a total of 16 tracks (12 original ones, plus four more from the four previous WipEout games), a Wi-Fi mode that lets up to eight players go head-to-head and even downloadable content to expanded the game further (including new tracks, skins and possibly music mixer).

But why the name Pure? That’s easy to answer. Sony has simplified the gameplay, cut out a lot of the guff that hampered the previous sequels and returned to a free-flowing and action-packed control system that feels and plays much more like the original WipEout game – and we certainly applaud Sony for making that decision.

As launch games go, it’s practically impossible to fault WipEout Pure. When (or indeed, if) you eventually tire of the main game, the fact that you can then challenge your mates to a race and download a whole raft of new content means it’s got to be high on everyone list.

Final Verdict
Gaming genius on a tiny, shiny disc. An amazing racing experience you can take with you wherever you can.Downloadable content will increase the time-scale spent in this fab game. 9/10