LG Shine Mobile Review – Ready to Dazzle

LG Shine – Can Lightning strike twice?


Update: Support Forum now here!

LG Mobile has had great success with the LG Chocolate mobile phone, attracting many fans due to its sleek design and functionality. Now with the LG Shine debuting on Feb 7th 2007 in the UK they hope that they can achieve the same if not more success as the Chocolate, especially as it is the second in the line of LG’s Black Label series.

Thanks to a very positive contribution to modern news casting by LG Mobile, they have selected bloggers to preview the mobile phone ahead of its official release. We at eMagi are thankful and pleased to Gaylene Ravenscroft for allowing us to be contributing in such a movement and applaud LG Mobile’s efforts in embracing new trends instead of fighting against them.


The first thing you will notice about the packaging is that they have taken note of the fashion and fragrance industry. The Chocolate was presented attractively and the same applies for the Shine – Gone are the days where a simple box will suffice. Please note that the packaging is still in pre-production and so there could be changes.

Sporting clean lines and textures it draws your attention to the product, using quality cardboard with a reflective silver embellished finish. Upon opening the box I was expecting a magnetic flap akin to a decent fragrance box and was pleased to find exactly that. With the lid drawn the mobile phone is found on the right in full view with the cables and contents hidden by a thin piece of cardboard. Inside you will find the LG Shine, UK mains charger, 3.7v battery (800mAh), a USB cable, hands free kit with remote and headphones. No manual was within the package or CD as everything is still in the pre-release phase.

eMagi_LG_Shine_2 eMagi_LG_Shine_3 eMagi_LG_Shine_4

Update: A forum thread is now dedicated to the LG Shine here for further discussion!

Enough with the box… What about the LG Shine?


One thing you will notice right away is the screen having a mirror surface, perfect for those who wish to check up on appearances while being out. The last thing you want to do is to walk around with a bit of red sauce left on your face… It has happened to be once already! Bypassing this fashion driven addition you will be greeted with a 2.2inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240×320. I am unsure about the colour depth but it seems pretty similar to my Sony Ericsson W900 – Colours a vibrant with good contrast offered in the images. The LG Shine also has 45MB of internal memory which is pretty poor by modern standards but it has an expansion slot for a MicroSD memory card which helps greatly for storage.


Looking at the LG Shine in its closed format, it does look very attractive with the large mirror surface dominating the real estate. I must admit that my first impressions were not overly favourable but after spending some time with it, its clean and minimalist design has grown on me. Also its form format by being only 14mm thick, 94mm tall and 51mm wide it is a comfortable size to hold. Weighing in at 115g as well it is not that heavy, especially when you consider that the case consists of brushed metal – Adding to that fashionable, luxury feel.


When you hold it though you do feel like you are holding a quality item thanks to the weight and the brushed metal casing. Having the phone in my pocket was a concern as I didn’t want the screen scratched with my keys and change, but in my other pocket it was fine. Thanks to the form factor you don’t notice it until you get a call or text.


All you have on the face are four buttons for menu navigation (with two of them raised) and a scroll wheel. The raised buttons for me are a bit cramped together and since it has a smooth texture, there is nothing to identify them via touch for instant use. Perhaps having the buttons tapered or slightly slanted away would have solved this issue. To slide it open I find myself using the raised buttons to act as a point of friction and there is the right amount of resistance for me before it does slide.


Once done so you are greeted with a chime of which there are four to choose from but no customised option. They keypad again reflects the minimalist nature of the phone and the keys are illuminated in a light purple hue. They keypad itself offers a firm tactile response upon key presses so over use I would expect it to be a lot lighter, especially for those who text often. The flat nature though might cause some problems to those who enjoy slightly raised buttons – It does take time to adjust.


The right hand side has controls such as volume, dedicated MP3 Player button, Camera and the propriety LG interface for the charger, hands free kit plus headphones and USB connections. The connector itself is protected by a plastic flap which is flimsy to say the least. Unlike rubber flaps on other mobiles, this one acts like a hinge that once you pull out, swings around out of the way. It could easily be broken by accident. While it is commendable to have such a connector on the side, it could have easily been on the bottom and a slider cover used. The left side is untouched while the back has the 2 mega pixel digital camera Schneider-Kreuznach lens with mirror and flash LED. In all it is an unfussy layout for ease of use with one hand which works.


The user interface

The operating system it seems is proprietary and not open like Symbian – To a power user like myself I hope that LG will make it easy for companies to develop software for their phone as such applications do add value. However I suspect that the market the LG Shine is aimed at will not care so much.

The default theme is a clean one and makes use of the integrated Flash support. The standby menu however could be improved upon as it sits in the lower middle of the screen, obstructing any nice wallpaper image you might have set. Also there seems to be no way to customise parts of the shortcut menu either to your own preference so it forces LG’s layout upon you.

Scrolling up with the wheel sends you to the SMS menu but only to the Inbox and Voicemail option, no “Create new Message” which I find odd. When people want to send a quick SMS to someone they have to go through a longer process than needed.


Scrolling down lets you select the phone profiles such as silent, general, outdoor etc which is also an odd choice. I say this because how often does a user change profiles in a day? Most phones simply have a one button hold to activate “Silent mode” for example on the keypad which is sufficient enough. By giving profiles such a high priority on the main menu without any kind of customisation I find is a waste and poorly thought out.

The left key is a shortcut to your contacts of which is a good idea and the right key enables your Favourites menu. Here you can select up to nine customised shortcuts to any item which makes up for the lack of control over the other items. When using the scroll wheel though it is not very responsive but I presume this was done on purpose to prevent accidental movement when pressing the scroll wheel down to confirm things, which does happen.

The main menu itself is well laid out and clear in its use with a design highlighting the purpose of having a scroll wheel on a mobile phone. From here you have these sub menus to go into:

– Profiles
– Browser
– Multimedia
– Call History
– Messaging
– Contacts
– My Stuff
– Tools
– Settings


I won’t go into depth about all of these menus as it is self explanatory to work out and use. Instead I will mention some quirks I have found with the operating system and software… One is the MP3 Player itself. The startup time to the MP3 player is impressive compared to my Sony Ericsson W900 as it only takes a second however once there you are devoid of any options to change the equaliser… Mainly because one doesn’t exist! Not only that there does not seem to be an easy way to add any MP3s you have transferred to the mobile if they are in a separate folder. Instead it seems the MP3 Player software only reads MP3s within the default folder and nothing else. With the lack of equaliser and any form of playlists, you would have to manually add your MP3s to the default folder to listen to them on the go – Not a great you like to have music organised by album, artist or genre. What’s worse is that there is no random option as well so I really hope LG will solve this issue via a firmware update.


Thankfully though the audio is loud and pretty clear for such a phone and through the headphones the audio quality is decent but I would recommend using a better pair than the ones packaged to get the most out of it.

Other small things include the contacts as it defaults in displaying the surname and then first name, but does not give the option to reverse that for those who are used to that setup.

A major annoyance is the texting process as well… Imagine you are writing out a long message to someone and you accidentally press the “Hang up” button… Wave goodbye to that text! There is no “Save to Drafts” prompt as soon as you hit that key. Again it can be solved from a firmware update and hopefully the final release model will correct it.


The built in browser as well is pretty poor in my eyes… Especially when you compare it to the current standard of mobile browsers – Opera Mini. If I had my way, every mobile phone would have Opera Mini as standard on their mobile. It is however still functional but if you do use your mobile phone for the internet then its best to get the free download from their site.

One amusing quirk I found with this phone is the dialling graphical styles that you can choose when inputting numbers. All of them are not suited and unprofessional for such a high quality mobile phone in my opinion. While it can look attractive to have all the numbers in different colours, have them animated as balls etc I feel that it does not match the phone itself and ruins the experience rather than enhancing. Instead a much slicker interface should have been used making more use of the internal Flash support to match the quality finish and look of the LG Shine.

21 22 23

Unless its a hidden option as well there is no status screen like on other mobile phones to know exactly how much battery you have in percentage or in time, how much memory is left internally and externally, networks available and other pieces of information. Such a thing is handy to look at a glance and would be a welcome addition.

The Camera…

The LG Shine is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus and picture quality generally is decent. There is a lot of graining as expected but at 1600×1200 it will suffice for taking recognisable pictures. The light for the LG Shine it seems has to be activated manually via the menu causing it to stay on constantly and there is no option to have it flash when taking a picture. The menu covers the usual suspects…

– Shot Mode
– Resolution
– Quality
– Flash
– Self Timer
– Save location
– Multi Shot
– Metering
– Colour Effects
– White Balance
– Shutter tone

Here are some images taken with the LG Shine.


012607052618 012607052836 012607052939

Taking a picture is simplicity itself and the phone does not require being open. There is a dedicated Photo button on the right hand side to activate it and taking pictures can either be done via the same button or by depressing the scroll wheel. The auto focus takes around a second and then the image is taken at quite a slow shutter speed so you need to have steady hands to avoid blurring or enable multi-shot.


Using the bluetooth was a breeze to connect to my laptop, PC and other mobile phones. Transfer speeds were good and no glitches found. When using the USB cable though in Mass Storage mode, under Windows XP it automatically adds two removable drives to My Computer – One for internal and one for external storage. This tends to work without a hitch but on one occasion I connected the mobile phone via USB to find that both removable drives were empty, thus not allowing any data transfers. I suspect this was due because I did not “safely remove devices” by disabling the connection via Windows first before disconnecting the USB Cable. The solution when this happens? Reboot the mobile phone and it will work once again.

The LG Shine also allows a USB connection for data service purposes such as using it as a modem. Windows XP did not have any drivers available, even when connected to the net. I suspect that the finished package will come with a CD with the appropriate drivers to enable such a feature.

Also when the mobile phone is connected by USB cable the network is turned off so you cannot make any calls or text. The menu is also disabled so basically all functions cease to exist as the camera establishes a data link with the computer while charging.

In essence…

I left the review late because I wanted to give it a good few days worth of use before giving my opinion on this phone. The battery life has been quite good however I have not used it as an MP3 player. Call quality have been consistent and clear however I would have liked the volume to be louder for use in the city. Other than the text niggles, browser, the keys next to the scroll wheel and the graphics when dialling, there are not many other negatives.

In all the LG Shine does many things superbly and gives off the right impression. With a few operating system tweaks, some better themes and better software it could be a serious killer mobile. Instead it ranks highly and would be a mobile to look out for if you are in the market for a simple and elegant mobile.

– Beautiful design
– Mirror face
– Scroll wheel
– Metal casing
– Form factor
– Battery Life
– Speaker volume and quality
– Flash support

– Main menu customisation
– Browser functionality
– Left and Right scroll wheel buttons not distinctive enough
– SMS niggles
– Poor MP3 software
– Not enough Flash use in operating system
– Call volume could be higher
– Childlike dialling graphics

The manual for the LG Shine is available to download here!

Also available is the LG Shine PC software called MobileSync LGE GSM PC Sync.


eMagi rating of 7/10

Update: For more discussion you can now check out our forum which should help out with faster response times to questions!

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  • I have just purchased an LG Shine today and I wish to correct three mistakes you have made.

    1 – You can hide the stand-by menu. (Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Home screen shortcut)

    2 – The MP3 player does have shuffle.

    3 – The MP3 player does have an equalizer.

    You just have to press Options when in the MP3 player mode.

    Maybe they fixed these after sending you a prelease version.

  • Carbonize

    I just obtained this phone yesterday and some of the things you say are wrong so possibly you had a pre release version and they updated since.

    1 – You can hide the standby screen shortcuts image
    2 – The MP3 player does have an equalizer
    3 – The MP3 player does have random/shuffle
    4 – If you press the hang up key whilst writing a test message the text you had entered is still there when you return to the text message screen.
    5 – You can see how much memory you have left in Settings

    Other than that a very nice review and it was partly this review that finally made up my mind to get one.

  • Its kewl that you got one and you maybe right, the model we had was from one of the earlier batches before release so its kewl to hear that they modified the mp3 player etc.

  • It could well be that it was a pre-production model, however the points still lie with my phone. I’d assume that there was a firmware update however I have yet to find the hidden menu on the mobile phone due to lack of documentation.

    1 – You can hide the shortcuts image as I believe it was done on default. However it is still a fault with the GUI imo as it could have been more attractive as on other mobile phones.

    2 – There is indeed an equaliser, however why does it have to be hidden until you actually play a track? Other mobiles again have it within the settings menu. The more nested menu’s there are (and this phone has many) the less user friendly it becomes.

    3 – Same as above.

    4 – I’ve just tried it now and oddly enough it was working o_O

    5 – You can and I knew abut this. Reading back I didn’t word it correctly -_- What I ment was that on some mobiles phones it is just a single button press from the standby menu to bring up extra data for you to read instead of having to go through 4 button presses just to see ” Common” memory storage status. Then you’d have to press left/right to check out the other options.

    I guess it proves that I need to spend even more time with the device when writing a long review however I would still give it 7/10 with 5/10 being an average score of course.

  • As to point 5. I just changed from a Sony Ericsson W810i to this phone and I know what you mean. Pressing the volume key on the W810i in stand by mode would bring up the phones status including firmware version and battery life. I do love this phone I just with that LG would stop copying Samsung software. I hate the hassle you have to go through every time you go to send a message. By that I mean the way you select the destination. I also hate the fact you can only pick from four message alerts. Sonys software is brilliant. On files/messages you just press the C key and that deletes the file/message (after a confirmation of course). I also love the way Sonys give you a list of all available words when typing a message. LG should look at copying Sony’s software instead of Samsungs.

    Oh there is one strange thing about this phone you may not have come across. When setting the alarm you have a choice of tones to use. Some of which would make good ringtones. BUT they are not the ringtones nor can they be set as such.

    Another niggle is that when extended the top part of the phone has some lateral movement which is disconcerting.

  • I did notice that about the alarm settings, thought it was very weird, much how you have to put the songs you want for the MP3 player in the default folder.

    The SMS stuff is what brought down the score for me… I too hate that annoyance how the LG Shine does not remember the last 10 recipients so you can quickly send messages out. Their T9 I think I touched upon it as well on the Shine as it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.

    That and the amount of menu’s and sub menu’s you have to go through. I showed the LG Shine to my sister and she loved the form facter and looks. Once she started looking through the interface and saw the amount of menu’s and how it was presented it put her off!

    However with a better designed theme things could improve. It is a shame though as there are a lot of positive things about the mobile.

  • Jenny

    Al I want to know is: does it synchronise with Outlook?
    And can I alter the size of the SMS font? I need large text!

  • Carbonize

    No you cannot change the font size. And you can load your contacts from Outlook using the supplied software but you cannot sync with outlook.

    After a few days of playing I have a few more observations.

    1 – The time is shown twice on the standby screen. Top right is clean and looks good. Bottom left looks rough.

    2 – It has the same LG problem as my P7200 had which is the battery gauge never seems to sure of it’s self. On minute it’s low then it goes back up.

    I have had no problems with the inbuilt browser but there is no harm in using the Opera Mini as well.

    Oh and one BIG annoyance. When you go to the MP3 player the default ringtones are listed in the playlist.

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the response re Synching with Outlook. But can I simply download the Calendar as well as the contacts?

  • Carbonize

    From the quick look I had you can back up everything. Contacts, Schedule and notes.

  • Jenny

    I’m being very dim (so maybe need the shine). I am looking to download from Ouitlook into the phone. Calendar, tasks and contacts. Does that work?

  • Carbonize

    Not as far as I can see.

  • Carbonize

    Ok I’m on my second Shine and it has the same bug as the first. The ringtones are listed in the MP3 playlist but if you delete them from there they cannot be used as ringtones. You can assign them as ringtones but when the phone rings one of the alarm melodies plays instead.

  • Jenny

    I got the phone – and it does synch with my PC. But the software with the phone is Version 1 and doesn’t work. Download Version 2.1 from the lgmobile.com websie and it will work. Pretty basic, but I now have my diary in my phone.

  • Thats good to hear Jenny ^_^ What do you think of the mobile phone so far?

  • carbonize

    Can either of you replicate my bug? I recommend deleting a ringtone you do not use from the mp3 playlist for testing. Once deleted from the playlist set it as the ringtone and call yourself.

  • yong

    erm… another tested out the battery life? i’m thinking of getting the phone but no one really has mentioned about the battery life. hahaha 🙂

  • Carbonize

    Battery life is fine. Mines gone four days with moderate use and still not ran out.

  • I shall test it out for you Carbonize when I get back ^_^ It is certainly an odd “feature”.

    As for battery life it has been good for me. I was going to do a full test but time was running out for me to do comparisons. Thus far just using the phone for calls and texts it has lasted me 2-3 days. Make sure you give the phone a full charge, discharge (run the phone until dead, turning the light on drains it well) then charge for optimum battery life.

    I’ll do some more tests and shall update my review with the findings.

  • Jenny

    I like the phone so far. Had it on 14 day return – and have just taken off the protective cover – i.e I’m going to keep it. One niggle – it does’t come with even the stightest protective pouch – even a thin cloth one. It may be a girlie thing, but my phones get badly scratched in the bottom of my handbag – and this one’s feature is so much the shiny case, that it would be spoilt with a dirty great scratch across the face. I’m using a neoprene Walkman pouch which is fine – but a slimline phone that is a grea big lump when in a case defeats the object!

  • Lucy

    I have had the phone for a couple of days and love it so far. However I have not been successful at putting music on it. I had managed to put 5 tunes on there the other day but then deleted them and since then every time I try and copy a tune on it says memory full. I have checked the memory and it says that it is 95% full – total memory 45732KB. Is this small and why did it work the other day and now not??!

    The battery life seems ok to me.

  • Jenny – I agree about the pouch! When my mum bought the chocolate it came with one but was surprised that the LG Shine didn’t. I however thought it was just a pre-production thing so didn’t think much of it. Thus far it hasn’t gained any scratches however I have been careful not to put it in with my keys and spare change.

    Hi Lucy, congrats on the purchase ^_^ Yeah the limited memory is very annoying, only 45MB to play with is nothing at all. I however would advise buying a MicroSD card to boost the memory capacity.

    1gig Kingston MicroSD £6.76 O_O?! http://www.ebuyer.com. Quickfind CODE: 117009
    1gig MicroSD Sandisk £14.49 http://www.ebuyer.com Quickfind CODE: 113792

    I would paste links but it counts as spam 😛 Also I’m dubious about the £6.76 price… Could be a misprint but worth a go at that price! Also it depends on what size the songs are Lucy. I can fit quite a few as I’ve re-compressed them using MP3Pro. If you have high quality songs then you won’t be able to fit many on there.

  • Wai

    Hey I’ve been wanting to buy this phone for a while now and am trying to make a final decision.

    Photo IDs for caller ID is very important to me. I read somewhere that the LG shine has problems with using images you put on it from your computer. I read that it can only use photos taken with the camera as Photo IDs. Is that true?

    Also, in case the LG Shine i buy has old firmware, for whatever reason, is it easy to update it? And how would I update it?

    I really appreciate your answers. Thanks.

  • Will

    Can you fully activate the screen and use the phone without opening it up?

    Also, what is the interface like when dialing or receiving caller ID phone calls?

  • Hi Will ^_^ To answer your queries… The PhotoID is very frustrating! The LG Chocolate is just as bad as you can’t even attach images sent via bluetooth to use as PhotoID.

    With the Shine its the same – Unless you took the picture with the camera it will not allow it to be used as PhotoID -_- Also adding images is done via 2 methods. Method 1 is to view your images first > Options > Set As > PictureID.

    However using this method I noticed another weird quirk:

    – If you only have your numbers on your SIM and not on the Phone, you cannot attach a PhotoID to it. Why? When attaching a photo, no contacts appear to actually add it.

    – If you copy the numbers from your SIM to the Phone the same things happens! No numbers appear in the sub menu to add an image. Very weird.

    – If you have saved a number manually to the phone (like a new contact) THEN you can attach an image to that contact!

    How to correct this? Use Method 2. Go to your Contacts > Options > Edit > Scroll Up twice > Options > Images > Select image > Options > Set > Options > Save

    Now if that isn’t long winded I don’t know what is! Haha, I did complain about the amount of menu’s needed to do simple tasks and thats another to add to the list.

    No firmware updates have been listed as far as I’m aware for the mobile. I would assume this would be done via USB cable and their website or a program from LG Mobile.

    The LG Shine has two views for contacts: 1- Name Only and 2 – With Picture. When you select With Picture, the contact number appears on the left and the contact image is a small thumbnail on the right.

    When receiving a call, a small thumbnail is displayed and not full screen. Hope that helps Will!

  • Christopher

    1) Phone rear cover scratches WAY too easily.

    2) If using Vista, S/w disc supplied is useless. Pull latest version from LG Website and REMEMber to turn off your Firewall during install.


    • Nigel

      You are right chris – I’ve had the phone 2 weeks and the rear cover is really scratched !!

  • Oliver

    I have just got this phone and found it to be totally amazing! The way it looks is second to none and the really cool thing is the way it turns into a mirror, pure genius! Great review by the way! Thanks…

  • Jenny

    Phone obviously going to scratch if you put it in a handbag or pocket with change – but my old Sony Ericcson got scratches anyway. I bought a soft neoprene pouch for the Sony NWA1000 MP3 player. It’s perfect. £5.94 from Amazon (plus vAT etc).

  • Darren

    I’ve had the Shine since Monday as a free upgrade from Orange… a very annoying behaviour I’ve noticed is when I switch on my Jabra Bluetooth headset (it’s already paired and set to an ‘authorised’ device in the handset), it automatically re-dials the last number once connected!

    Anyone seen this or know of a solution??

    BTW agree that the phone has a great look and feel to it but has a number of software oddities that could well do with being addressed.

  • Darren


    I got the Shinne on Monday and agree that its great looking and well made handset but has some software oddities that could well do with being addressed. Any news on a firmware upgrade?

    An annoying behaviour I’ve found is that when turning on my Jabra Bluetooth headset (it is already paired and an ‘authorised’ device on the handset), it automatically re-dials the last number once connected!!

    Anyone heard of this or know of a solution?

  • Paul

    Can someone please help me! I currently am unable o download music to my “Shine” I am using windows media player 11, I can not work out how to convert the music to MP3 format…..Help please

  • Carbonize

    Darren the button on your headset will display last number dialled on first press and then dial it on the second one.

    Paul you need to right click on the top bar and select Tool – Options – Rip Music. Then you can select MP3 as your format. Although there are better rippers out there such as Music Match or I think Winamp will do it. As to ‘downloading’ the music to the phone simply connect the usb cable and once Windows has installed the drivers your phone will appear in My Computer as a removable drive. Just put the music in the Music folder if internal or Music/MP3 if using an external memory card.

  • Darren

    Hi Carbonize,

    Not sure if I have the Jabra headset that you are thinking of (mine is a 250 BT) but all I do is turn the power on on it. It never caused the phone to re-dial when I used it with my V3 Razr and there is no dislpay or anything to show last nubers or redials. I’ll check out the manual for it anyway.


  • Carbonize

    Ok just to keep you upto speed on the ringtones/mp3 playlist bug. LG sent me an email today saying their techs had got back to them and have passed the problem on to the R&D department so hopefully a new firmware out shortly.

  • Hopefully they will sort out all the other problems that we’ve highlighted as well with a firmware update as there are loads of issues that would make it so much better.

  • SS

    Hi just got my shine, and am struggling with it. When texting it seems to freeze, though keypad keeps beeping. When i switch it off, it wont switch back on again, unless I take teh battery out.
    Have managed to sync it to my computer, but have got all my diary notes on my old nokia phone which is now sync onto my pc (nokia software) and also Outlook, is there any way at I can download them or copy them onto my phone.
    Also havent got a clue how to put music onto my phone. Just spent 2 hours trying to figure it out.
    Would appreciate some help please.
    Many thanks

  • Carbonize

    The battery thing is a known bug.

    As to music just connect the USB cable and the PC will recognise it as an external drive. Just copy the mp3s to either the Sounds folder or Sounds/MP3 if using an external sd card.

  • Yummy

    Hey Guys,

    Hope someone can help, just got my shine and I thought that all MicroSDs are the same shape. I took my MicroSD from my old Motorola V3x, but I could push it in the memory card slot due to the “sticking out” bit. Stupidly, I filed the “stick out” bit and it had to be filed away completely until so it’s almost a square shape to fit in my slot. Surprisingly, the phone did not pick up the memory card.

    Any idea where I went wrong?

  • Carbonize

    Are you sure you are not confusing a MiniSD with MicroSD? All memory cards are the same size. By that I mean all SD cards are the same shape, all Micro SD, all memory stick duo and so forth.

  • Yummy

    I’m sure I’m not wrong about my card. It says MicroSD on it.
    Did a bit of researching, my MicroSD is 64MB, but you can only get MicroSD for the Shine from 512MB upwards, so maybe my 64MB MicroSD is bigger? seems like the only logical explanation..?

  • Carbonize

    The physical size of a microSD card is the same no matter what how much memory it has. I bought a 1GB one for £10.

  • Yummy

    ok, should the memory card just slide in or do you need a large amount of force?
    i tried ervery angle, the gold strip was face down in first.

  • Carbonize

    It goes in with the contacts facing the sim card. It goes in so far then you have to apply a little pressure as it has a spring release mechanism.

  • SS

    I have just got the new Shine, and have noticed when I have an voicemail message, no answerphone icon comes up to tell me I have a message. Also I am with orange and I dont get the missed call text either. Is this a commmon fault? And how do i rectify it? Thanks

  • HI, LG Shine looks great. However, I would like to know, if these two things are possible in LG shine.

    1. How can we answer the phone without opening or sliding
    2. How to call from the CONTACTS without opening the phone.


  • Hi Radon, welcome to eMagi ^_^ To answer your questions…

    1. Menu > Settings > Call > Answer Mode > Any Key

    2. Click the Right button (Contacts) > Search > Find the contact you want > Options (or press scroll wheel) > Scroll down to number > Press scroll wheel.

    Hope that helps ^_^

  • Harrison

    I bought an LG shine yesterday and i’m generally really pleased with it. However, the MP3 transfer drives me mad. I try to drag and drop music files, it takes up the phones memory, not my microSD memory, yet the music doesnt show up in either the mp3 player or the sounds. How do I get my music onto my external memory and into my mp3 player???

  • Hi Harrison ^_^

    When you connect your mobile phone via USB to your computer, there should be two “Removable Mass Storage Devices”. One for the LG Shine internal memory, and another for your MicroSD card. Simply select the removable drive that is your MicroSD card and put your music on there. It should then work ^_^

    For the MP3s to be in your MP3 player, they need to be put into the default sounds folder. Its an LG Shine quirk.

    As for questions about a firmware upgrade I have yet to hear anything about it just yet, however one is sorely needed!

  • Paul

    i have had my shine for about 3 wks now and i love it!! however i think it may have a fault as sometimes during texting the text keys dont work, but upon closing and opening the phone again they return to normal!! has any one else had this problem?? also does any1 feel that the scrol wheel is a little too sensative, when using it as a button it often scrols to another option which you do not wish to start!!

    • Andy

      yes Paul i have the same problem, on my 3rd LG Shine now. I’ve emailed LG and see what they say. Hopefully they’ll bring out a firmware upgrade soon to fix the bug.

  • Hi Paul, welcome to eMagi ^_^

    I’ve never had that issue myself with the text keys, maybe they were not depressed far enough? It does take a while to get used to. I personally think the scroll wheel isn’t sensitive enough myself but yes upon pressing the wheel down there are occasions where it does move to an option you didn’t want. It can’t be helped I suppose but it would be nice if you could fine tune how sensitive the wheel actually is.

  • boujois

    hey, great review here, i’ve had my shine a month now and im not impressed,
    it got all scratched on the back where i left it in my pocket with my keys, so i got the pouch from the chocolate into which it fits beautifully, i also have the mp3 problem, whereby you delete a ringtone, and then you can still play it under profiles, but it wont play when the phone rings, also is there a way to have the loudness of the ringtone constant, and not gradual, as by the time it gets to full volume it is onto voicemail!
    also, my shuffle doesnt work anymore in mp3 mode, it just plays through straight, and i find the camera amazing, but only if im still for 3 seconds, which i can’t often do.
    also, i tried the any key answer you mentioned above, but this didnt work, it allows answering from any key on the keypad, but not the soft keys… so i still have to open it up.
    I think that if i was in charge of the firmware it would be the best phone ever, but as some fools from LG are, then the phone is poor, can’t wait for some new firmware.


    • radon

      HI boujois,

      You can answer the phone without opening, by pressing either camera button or MP3 button on the side of the phone.

  • Q

    Hi- with the chocolate you could delete the contact names in “recent messages” when you pick “recent” when chosing a contact when sending a message. I got my new Shine this week but cannot work out how to delete the contacts in the “recent message” function. Any solution?

    • Hi Q ^_^

      That’s a good question and I haven’t found a solution to it as well… There is no sub-menu or button press it seems that would clear that list. Hopefully there is a solution to that issue though.

  • Henry

    help needed please…..

    1) is it possible to return to the home screen without having to press ‘back’ ‘back’ ‘back’ numerous times. a ‘home’ key would be nice!

    2) also, does anyone else find it difficult to call contacts with the phone closed as you have to scroll through the whole list because you can’t type in any letters.

    3) My ringtones are really quiet. just me?

    4) also all the menus it takes to write then send a text is pretty awful.


    • Hi Henry ^_^ Welcome to eMagi!

      1) Press the “Hang Up” key instead to return to the standby menu

      2) Yep, it can be pretty annoying – It’s best to set Speed Dials as you can still access them via the menu when the phone is closed for common numbers.

      3) My ringtones are quite loud… Best to check your settings and make sure the volume is set to max.

      4) Yeah I mentioned that to write a text and to send does take far too many steps to do. Sony Ericsson in this respect do a far better job.

    • boujois

      hi, my ringtones are quiet too, mainly because the shine starts them off quiet and then progressively turns up the volume. does anybody know how to turn this feature off and just have constant volume?

  • Henry

    is there a ‘home’ key to get you back to the main screen, rather than press ‘back’ a thousand times?!

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  • hi henry i think i know what you meen i have just ordered my LG shine but on my other phones to return to the main menu you could just click the red hang up phone button try it it might work

  • tom


    I recently bought the LG shine, lovely phone and all that but theres one thing pissing me off and im sure its pissing alot of other people off too.
    The problem im having is not being able to play mp3s from my micro sd card in the ‘mp3 player’ mode, is this a known problem and does anyone know if LG is doing anything about it ??


  • carbonize

    You have to put the MP3s into the MP3 folder found in the music folder on the SD card.

  • tom

    done that, didnt work

  • didi

    The phone is a pile of shi**. I have a huge problem with the battery. The software fails on me all the time and there is no way to easly sync with my pc. The screen is really annoying as you can’t read it in sunlight. A no buyer

  • khoa

    have had my phone for a few days now and like it a lot, but the main thing i don’t like is the volume. have set it on high and and checked to see if theres anything blocking the speaker … still no go. is there anyway to increase the volume? theres also the issue of the call volume, i have to use the speaker function to get it louder.

  • Pablo

    i have a problem with my lg shine, when my phone starts i get a window that says that i have new voicemail, and also there is the icon on top that says that i have 2 voicemails, bue when i call my vociemail i have 0 messages, is there a way to turn off the window at start up and make the icon of voicemails disappear. PLEASE HELP ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY

  • Pablo

    i have a problem with my shine, everytime i turn it on a window appears telling me that i have vociemail, and i have an icon on top of the menu that says that i have 2 voicemails, but when i call my voicemail i have 0 messages not even saved, is there a way to turn off the icon on top, and not have the window appear upon star up of the phone??? PLEASE HELP

  • anni

    i have problem with my shine, i had it for a week now and the mp3 drive me mad
    first i can’t put my mp3 in the mp3 folder, i try to put the music in sound/mp3 folder but it play with the defauld music also as i press the mp3 shot cut which at the side of the phone it only seem to play the playlist of which already on the phone
    i also can’t make my music to play all as when a song finish i have to skip to another song in order for it to play, when finish one song it just stop
    it drive me crazy
    can you help me

  • Lucy

    I have finally got a memory card for my phone and now want to put music on there and despite successfully connecting the laptop to the phone and copying some tunes across I cannot get the music to work! My latop says the tunes are MP4 does that mean they won’t play on my phone!! Need help!

  • Tim

    My main problem with the Shine is that it seems to have a mind of it’s own when displaying images. Some images are ok, some it just doesn’t like, giving me a ‘Not supported!’ error message. Particularly when I’m trying to assign caller IDs. All the images are regular gifs and jpegs that worked fine on my other phones. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Hi Tim, the LG mobile does have a very silly and annoying quirk – Any images taken from any other source (PC, other mobile, camera etc) other than the mobile’s own camera will not work.

    Why? Don’t ask me, I found it stupidly annoying on the Chocolate and the LG Shine which is a real shame. No news on a firmware update to fix a very simple thing as well just yet.

  • Uniquekell

    i have had my Shine for about 5 days now, i find it great but there is some stuff about it that could be improved/fixed. i just bought an external memory card for it and i put the songs on there and it says on my pc its all there but when i go into my phone is says it not :S
    i am trying to find a way to get them on now, if i do ill tell all of you that have been having this problem.
    Also i do too find the Wheel abit annoying at times, i will click it to select something and it would skip to something else but i am getting into using the button next to it which is also a select button.

  • Hannah!

    i have an LG P7200 and whenever i want to change my wallpaper, it says error and wont allow me to. this is really annoying me + i really dont want my phone to break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

  • Star

    does the 3.5G shine have missed call alert? if yes, how to activate it?

  • Okay, I really need some help with my LG shine. I got it a few months ago and I absolutely love it. However, I just discovered a few days ago something wrong with my phone and I have no idea what caused it to happen. The phone comes with default Images…including the animation images. Well just yesterday I realized they weren’t working…the animations weren’t moving. This didn’t happen when I got it. It just happened and I have no idea what’s causing this. When I play music, the time bar doesn’t move. If you could…I’d so much appreciate your help!

  • mystery? , when you slide your phone open and press the answer key, and your recent calls are all listed , what are the numbers in brackets, next to the names??????

  • petrifo

    Hi there, nice review, I find the forum very helpfull, indeed.
    But I have another problem with the scheduler of LG Shine: I’ve put a recurrence in my calendar, which occures every day in the same time. I’ve set the repeat options to “daily”, I’ve set the scheduler ton etc… But what a disappointing: only the first scheduler has alarmed me.. the next days I’ve got nothing from LG. Thank God, I have the due times still in my mind.
    Have you any advice about this?

  • mary

    after reading the review an what everyone else has said i am still not sure wether to buy this stylish phone or not as it has so many pros an cons. seems like everyone is having problems with it which i could do with out because my samsung e900 has broke and i am lookin for a new phone an i loved the look of the lg shine, so please some one tell me is it worth buying or not??

  • Hi All, wow loads of questions and I apologise for the lack of responses. I will point you all to my forum soon to answer all the questions aimed at this mobile phone.

    Uniquekell: You have to put the music in the “MP3” folder otherwise the default Music Player of the LG Shine won’t pick it up. try it ^_^

    Hannah: Was the image too large or of the wrong type? Make sure its a JPEG for it to work and scale correctly to the screen size.

    Star: Not sure if there is an active alert, it would depend on your Mobile Provider as Vodafone provides such a service for free.

    Angeluhh: I would suggest a backup of any of your contacts to SIM and a backup of your media (images, music etc) to a memory card or your PC. Once done, do a full factory reset which can be done from the Settings menu. Be sure to know your security code!

    Barry Man: I haven’t got the phone on me but I believe it could be the amount of times the call was missed?

    petrifo: I must admit I hated the scheduler on the LG Shine and never paid much attention to it. I don’t have the mobile on hand to try it out sorry so can’t help you out on this issue atm.

    mary: I personally after using it for so long find it hard to recommend the LG Shine, especially when there are so many good handsets out there now. If you only wish to make phone calls and to text (even with it less than friendly menus) then the LG Shine will fit the bill. I find it however too limiting with too many sub-menus to achieve the most common features. Granted its a stunning looking mobile but people shouldn’t have to sacrifice function over form. What would you typically use your mobile for Mary?

  • Tennillle

    hey!, can anyone help me plzz! i dnt know how to put songs onto my mp3? can someone tell me how i do it?

  • Hi Tennille! To get songs listed in the MP3 player, you must put them in the MP3 folder and not any other and only then it will work! Rather silly really but that’s how the phone is set up.

  • Anthony

    Hi all LG Shine user,

    I owned this phone for 2 months already and it is working fine. Just wondering anyone out there knows whether can i upgrade the firmware by using the stock USB cable? And which software to use? QPST? I am sure a lot of user here share the same Question with me.


  • Hi Anthony ^_^

    As far as I’m aware there are no plans to upgrade the firmware on the LG Shine which is a massive shame. A simple upgrade could fix so many small problems but it seems LG are holding out for their newer phones instead.


    small question–how do i insert the MicroSD card into the phone??? clueless–looked all over 😛

  • Hi Natalia ^_^

    Remove the back cover and can you see where you put in the SIM card? Underneath that is where you slide the MicroSD card in from the side, with the connectors facing down.

    Hope that helps!

  • carolina

    hey everyone! i’ve had the phone for 2 days. i want to change the wallpaper, and have tried several sizes and formats (png, gif, jpg)and the image won’t go on the whole screen. about 2mm less on each side (right and left)…what size photo should i use as a wallpaper??
    and i read that the photo id contact, must be taken with the phone camera. is this true?? why can’t i use an image uploaded from my computer??
    can someone help me?
    thank you!!!

  • Hi Carolina ^_^

    Do you like the phone so far? If you want to make a wallpaper for the LG Shine, then make sure the image is 240×320 pixels then it will fit the whole screen.

    As for PhotoID that is indeed correct and one of my pet peeves about the LG Shine – Not being able to use any image of your choice but only one taken by the camera itself. Thus far there is no known way to change that I’m afraid!

  • carolina

    thanks a lot! i have my wallpaper at 240×320 and it fits perfectly!

    and the phone, so far, sooo good!!
    for photoID, i do not like that, but i’ll get used to it…

    another question…does it have speaker during calls??

  • Hi Carolina ^_^

    I’m glad its all working well for you! Yes you can activate the speaker during calls, although it should have been made easier. I don’t have the phone on me right now but you can only activate it during an incoming call. I believe you have to go into the submenu called “More” or something similar… Its been a long time now so I can’t remember specifically sorry! >_<

  • tekmup

    Hi all,
    Well it great to see this LG Shine comment section has really taken off. Hey NeoBlade, just wondering if you’ve got an LG Shine forum going somewhere?

    I wanted to know: could I use a bluetooth GPS receiver on the Shine and be able to use Google Mobile Maps (with My Location function) on the LG Browser? My guess would be ‘no’ as the phone doesn’t support SPP (bluetooth profile). But if anyone has tried this, it would be great to hear from them. Thanks heaps

  • Hello there. I just got my LG shine and I immediately fell inlove with it. The only concern i have is that everytime I received a text or sms message and read it, the phone does only show the number not the name on my phonebook. So i really had to check my phonebook to see who sent me a message. Is there a way that I can see the contact’s names instead of a number on the sms messages that I received?

  • Btw I also noticed that when sending SMS the sending animation doesnt move. But when I turn the phone off and on again then send a sms message the animation works only once and when I send another message it doesnt move anymore just a still picture of the mail. It is not really a big problem but do you have any solutions or does anyone encounter this kind of problem?

  • Hi Chase ^_^

    I don’t recall that issue happening with me personally and I have since moved onto another phone (NokiaN95). Have you got the contact saved on the SIM and the Phone? If so it could be getting confused as to who is who, so try just having the contact on the Phone or SIM only.

    As for the animation, does the SMS send at all? Or is it “Pending”?

    I have a support forum here too – http://www.tokyotoys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2717 I plan to write up an FAQ sometime for this phone as well to help new users.

  • Hello NeoBlade,

    I manage to fix the first problem by just putting all the numbers correctly including the + sign.

    Regarding with the animation, it does send SMS but it is just weird that it does the sending animation at first but then when you send another new message the bouncing mail looks like just a static picture and doesnt move at all

  • Hi Chase ^_^

    Odd that you have to put in the international codes for it to work, I never had to for National numbers to work and appear. Glad it works for you now though, even though it could be a long winded solution if you have many numbers!

    I haven’t had the animation glitch happen for me and can’t find people having a similar issue just yet. If I do though I’ll keep you posted!

  • Hei NeoBlade,

    Probably resetting the phone might help but I also hope that LG should make a firmware update. I guess we should make some sort of a petition.

  • Hi Chase,

    I doubt LG will make a firmware upgrade, possibly because they didn’t think if it at the time. It has been quite a while since it was released and there doesn’t seem to be any improvements made later on. It would be nice to have a firmware upgrade as it would improve the phone greatly but for now owners just have to get used to the quirks sadly.

  • Hei NeoBlade,

    Well I am somewhat used with its quirks now but still I hope LG will also be considerate towards their consumers.

    Btw, Is it possible to zoom in on the photos you took on the LG Shine? Coz I saw it on a review at GSMArena and was wondering how it can be done.

  • Hi Chase ^_^

    I know, I did put a few points forward to them when I was reviewing the mobile before and was pushing for a firmware upgrade but haven’t heard anything since. Its a shame as really it is a nice mobile and it just needed some modifications on the software side of things.

    As for Zooming, have you tried using the Volume Keys? I don’t have the mobile on me right now since I’ve migrated but usually zoom features are mapped to them.

    Also to tekmup, so sorry for the delay in replying to your comment! I do have a rough forum for the LG Shine (it needs cleaning up) and it can be found here – http://www.tokyotoys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2717

    In regards to the GPS I don’t have an external GPS receiver myself but my sister has one. I’ve now switched to the NokiaN95 as my main phone which has GPS built in. I would run a test for you but like you said it doesn’t support the required Bluetooth profile but it wouldn’t hurt to try ^_^

  • Hei NeoBlade,

    What I mean about the zooming is if we can zoom in on the photos while viewing it. Coz I saw it on GSM arena so that’s why I was wondering if it is possible to do that.

  • Martine

    I have only been able to transfer 9 tracks mp3 192kbps to the LG Shine. I haven’t bought microSD yet. Is this normal to only transfer 9 songs and then the sounds folder is full?
    I also wanted to check. When I connect my headphones and listening to mp3 music – when somebody is trying to call me it automatically diverts to answering machine. Is there a function that the music can automatically stop when incoming call rings?

  • karina

    Hi i just bought the shine and was just wondering if it is possible to change the themes, as you can on most phones. Also how do i make the wallpaper fill the whole screen? and my volume seems very quiet and gradually gets louder which is annoying. thanks. karina

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  • Minnesota

    I am having trouble loading songs onto my phone from my laptop. And whenever my friends send me a song through bluetooth it comes up in my normal memory instead of my external memory (which i have bought) so i can only have 3 songs. Its SOOOO ANNOYING!
    Please help me!

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  • Hey!
    I’ve had my new LG shine for about 6 or 7 hours and i’ve tryed puttin music onto with windows media player, since the small cd that comes with the LG shine does not seem to work. So on windows media player it said that it was all fully worked properly and on my phone i cant seem to find the songs anywhere its proper stressing me out!
    please help!

  • Jacob O’Hara


    I have successfully put 683MB of music onto my phone, this is how:
    Settings > Connectivity > USB Connection; Make sure it is on Mass Storage.
    Firstly, put the MicroSD Card into the slot underneath the SIM card.
    Then, connect up your phone with the USB cable supplied with the phone.
    My Computer > Click on E: Drive.

    Make a file called Sounds
    Drag and drop all the music you want into the Sounds folder.

    When you have finished dragging/dropping the files you want, then disconnect the USB cable (make sure you aren’t still copying files)

    To access the music, go to My Stuff > Sounds > External Memory.
    Give it a couple of minutes to load all the stuff you’ve put onto it (Amount of time it takes depends on how many files you’ve put onto the SD card)

    Any furthur questions, add me on msn: Rocket481@hotmail.com

  • shaunt

    hello , chase you mention you were able to fix the problem with the numbers showing instead of the contacts, i am having the same problem and i need you help. i have tried everythin to fix it although i cant seem to work it out.. can you please help me.. my email is shaun-lives@hotmail.com.. your help would be greatly apreciated as i have no idea how to fix this. thank you

  • jones

    to start, my shine is red and has a different scroll pad in the middle, more like a joystick type thing.

    but anyways. i have like half gig of mysic on my micro sd and i want to move it to my phone, but when i select all the songs it doesnt give me the option to move it and i have to do it in the phone because i dont have the usb cable. is there anyway to do it all at once or do i have to go through 85 songs one at a time that each take about a minute to move?

  • iiHEARTjackSon-xO

    Heyya (:

    I have had my shine for awhile now, but unfortuantly recently dropped it.
    I have since brought a new phone (( another shine! black version though )) && i was just wondering if there is any possible way to save my messages to my sim card ..?
    At the moment all my old messages wont show up on my new phone.
    && as my old phones’ screen is stuffed i can’t read them at all.

    does that make sence ?

    lol. thanks muchly.


  • Lau

    Hi everyone, I’ve been skim reading through reviews and what not, and maybe I haven’t been looking properly through but I haven’t found anyone with the same problem I have.

    I’ve had the shine for about a year now I think, and didn’t really have many problems with it until about 3 weeks ago when the screen would just go black and the only way to get the phone to switch on again would be to take it out and put it back in again. This got incredibly annoying, particularly when I had to take it out 7-8 times in a row before it worked again, however its got worse.
    The phone started to switch on, and then get to the opening screen of KE970 or whatever the number is (you know the screen with the circle just before it says its LG???) and then would switch off again, and this would happen again, almost as if the phone was switching on, and then giving up half way and turning off again, and then trying again, on – off, on – off. I charged it up over night and nothing changed, I bought a new battery and this didn’t help either.

    Has anyone else had this problem?? If you have, did you fix it? How?? The problem I have is that all my contacts were saved to the phone and not the SIM card (stupid I know, but I don’t like the picture it comes up with when its stored on the SIM haha!) and so I’d really like to be able to switch the phone on and make it work again!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul

    have you gone to menu, settings, display, backlight timer and changed this? I had the same problem and it had reset itself to 0 secs

  • katie

    i have an LG Shine and my sister gave me her micro sd card but i am not able to receive any sounds through bluetooth its keeps saying memory full on my phone and sending failed on the phone that is sending the sounds what do i do please help!

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  • sam

    i love this fone but i have 2 problems with it. If i try 2 send a text it goes 2 the outbox meaning it didnt send. This happened to me b4 and i dont no no if it happened 2 any1 else. My mom suggested taking the battery out overnight but that didnt help. My other problem is my voicemail! i have 5 of them but i dont no how 2 check them. Please help!!!!!

  • i have an LG phone and i dont care for it that much…….it looks great, but it’s heavy……it rings way too low, i can;t hear the darn phone………the auto focus gives blurry pictures

  • Alexel

    I’ve just got this phone today… Not bad but I have some things I don’t like about it, first texting messages is kinda annoying because of too-close hang-up button, I can receive only one file with bluetooth and than I have to restart before I can receive the other (some bug i suppose) and I don’t like the thing that there’s no copy-paste text option as on Symbian or Windows OS mobile phones… I like the metal surface…

  • oui