Anime Deal: Chobits Complete for £9.99 (DVD)


Another great anime deal from Anime-On-Line features the classic Chobits series! Published by MVM back in 2011, it is a romantic comedy featuring the antics of Hideki and a Persocom (a personal computer) named Chi.

A country boy from Hokkaido, Hideki arrives in the big city (Tokyo) to go to college. Instantly, he is shocked and amazed by the variety and prevalence of Persocoms: personal computers designed to look and act like animals or even people! Too poor to afford one of his own, Hideki is overjoyed to discover a discarded Persocom in a trash heap. However, this gift of fate turns into a mystery as his Persocom, Chi, appears to be able to operate without her OS… How real is real?

The Chobits Complete Collection includes all 24 episodes on DVD.

  • Publisher: MVM Entertainment
  • Released: April 4th 2011
  • Classification: 15
  • Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Running Time: 675mins

You can buy the Chobits Complete Collection on DVD here from Anime-On-Line for £9.99.