Sega to cease GD-ROM production: The end for Dreamcast games


Sega’s little console with its cult following will be mourning because Sega announced that it will be ceasing production of its proprietary GD-ROM discs in February of this year. What will this entail? No more official Dreamcast games will be able to be published or manufactured along with any NAOMI arcade games.

Released in September of 1999, Sega had high hopes for this console to recover from the many mistakes made with the Sega Saturn. However even with initial support from 3rd Parties Sega couldn’t attract the userbase required and support for it was slowly dropped by other developers to work on the Playstation 2. However even though it died a prompt death in the west there are many classic games well worth your time such as Shenmue, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel Vs Capcom, Virtua Tennis and Powerstone just to name a few.

In Japan the Dreamcast still continues to live thanks to many Hentai games being ported and various 2D/3D shooters being developed. It is a shame though that the Dreamcast went the way it did because it was a very clean and efficient console technically with some very good games.

Rest in Peace Dreamcast – Many did not get to know your true self.

  • walking leaf

    This is very sad news. I consider the Sega Dreamcast as a great machine with fantastic games. Capcom’s PowerStone 1 and 2 are simply amazing and despite the PSP remake, I prefer the original.

    Virtua Tennis is another I love to play on this console. It’s a real shame that the Dreamcast never live up to its potential.

  • :: sigh ::