Nintendo Wii remote holds much more potential says developer

Wii remote

According to a game developer at Ignition Entertainment, the Nintendo Wii remote controller has far more potential than what it can currently do.

Even though the games available on the system are based on sensing the timing of the movement (such as a tennis racket swing in Wii Sports), rather than a recognisable gesture, Ignition’s studio manager, Ed Bradley, pointed out that it’s fun in the first place, and yet the players wouldn’t care less what technology is behind the game.

“Personally I think the controller is capable of translating actions far more complex and energetic than most players are interested in performing even in the privacy of their own homes,” said Bradley.

And yet the studio manager believes that gaming developers shouldn’t lose the focus of creating a unique experience by designing something technically impressive that adds nothing to the final game play.

“It can certainly spew out a lot of useful info. The tricky bit is making meaningful use of it all,” Bradley commented.

“At the end of the day developers want players to have fun rather than impose clever mathematics on them, so if it turns out to be fun only using a simple subset of the controller’s gizmos then why worry about how “proper” it is?”

So in essence, don’t push the technology for the sake of it. The important factor is making sure the controls add to the end game experience.