UK Transport to support faster internet connections


Today Ofcom has announced that there are plans to increase the speed and access of mobile internet on UK Transport links. This will be done using satellite based earth stations of which connect to a geostationary satellite orbiting the Earth, around 22,300 miles up. This will increase the current internet speeds by 10 times what is currently available and should help eliminate any connection blackspots. The plan is to have capable devices installed on planes, trains and boats to allow the public internet access during their travels.

Crosscountry Trains already offer a similar service but due to the limitations of the current internet speed and costs they cannot offer streaming of TV shows, movies and other media. National Express and other coach and rail companies will be allowed to have these devices installed initially without the need for a license. For other forms of transport like aircrafts and boats a separate license is required but Ofcom are taking applications as of February this year. The extra costs mitigated would then be decided by the individual companies, if there will be an add-on cost or an extra inclusive fee.

Certainly, this comes as great news as we are in an ever connected world and having a fast, stable internet connection whilst on our travels will help modernise the way we travel today.

(Source: Ofcom)