Yoshi’s New Island coming in Spring 2014

Yoshis New Island 06

Nintendo has given us a more details to Yoshi’s New Island with a new trailer and a Spring 2014 release for the Nintendo 3DS. The art style looks to be a mix of the pre-rendered 3D patchwork style of the N64 version and the beautiful 2D hand drawn style of the original SNES game.

The original creative producer of Yoshi’s Island on the SNES, Takashi Tezuka ,┬áis also on board joining Nintendo’s team to recreate some of the old magic.

eMagi’s Take
I would have loved to see it taking on more of the beautiful 2D hand drawn art style of the original SNES game rather than a pseudo 2.5D which is employed here, games such as Rayman Legends prove that crisp, clean 2D animation and art works extremely well in the modern era as much as 3D. Visuals aside, the trailer shows that the classic Yoshi’s Island gameplay mechanics are still in force so fans of the series should remain happy.