Celebrate new years with Evangelion champagne


Family owned Cattier has created special bottles of Neon Genesis Evangelion champagne ready in time for the New Year. Sold at retailer Rakuren in Japan these bottles are each etched with a picture of Rei, Asuka, or Kawaru along with a special gift, an embedded Swarovski crystal.

Evangelion-Champagne-Rei Evangelion-Champagne-Rei1 Evangelion-Champagne-Asuka Evangelion-Champagne-Asuka1 Evangelion-Champagne-Kaworu Evangelion-Champagne-Kaworu1

The Evangelion bottles are filled with the best cuvée Brut champagne from the region of France but there is more; the bottles also come with a double door display case to show off such craftsmanship.


How much would each of these bottles cost? 31,500 Yen which roughly converts to £187.50. Bargain.