Nokia wins patent suit against HTC, aims to ban HTC One Mini in the UK


Nokia has recently won a patent lawsuit against HTC which threatens to cause a ban on the HTC One Mini in the UK. Justice Arnold of the England and Wales High Court has ordered an injunction against HTC on the ground that it violates Nokia’s EP00998024 patent on “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”.

HTC claims that the patented technology was part of the Qualcomm chips used in the HTC One Mini and thus should be automatically be valid; however the patent agreement was only between Nokia and Qualcomm in the USA and thus does not extend to the UK and Europe. HTC would then have to license the technology used in the Qualcomm chips for other regions in the world but Nokia has claimed the Taiwanese company has failed to do so.

HTC has given examples that other companies such as Apple, BlackBerry, Google, LG, Samsung and Sony, which all infringe on the same patent, but that wasn’t enough to save its case.

The injunction has been issued however it has been delayed until Friday to give HTC time to file an appeal. If that does not happen then Nokia are within their rights to ban the HTC One Mini in the UK from Friday 6th December 2013.

This isn’t the first time both Nokia and HTC have been involved in a patent war in regards to the HTC One series; earlier this year the HTC One had its UK debut delayed for the same patent which forced HTC to change the radio and microphones inside their flagship phone. In Germany Nokia also won a case against HTC in regards to their patented wireless and battery saving technologies.