Watch on-demand television via Xbox 360

Xbox 360 IPTV

Even since downloadable movies became available for Xbox 360 users in November, the idea of on-demand television or Internet Protocol TV will change the way we watch our favourite programmes.

With IPTV, Microsoft believes that the new service will offer live streaming of broadcasts via the Xbox 360 console.

This news announcement was made during Microsoft’s keynote speech presented by Robbie Bach at the CES.

The ability to watch and record television content online is another step towards digital media distribution. Bach has hinted that Microsoft’s IPTV service will “make it easy for people to access and discover their favourite content and share their personal experiences with the communities they are part of.”

But to fully use this new service, a larger data capacity Hard Drive is require as the standard 20 gigabytes is not enough. As for cost, there is a possibility of a multi-month (or multi-year) subscription.