Wii Sports

Wiisports Cover

They say the best things in life are free and this certainly rings true of Wii Sports. Bundled in free with Nintendo’s new groundbreaking console and its soul purpose being to introduce players to the subtleties of the Wii remote, which it does very well and nothing more.

With the choice of 5 sports (tennis, bowling, boxing, golf and baseball), you become acquainted with your new controller quite quickly. This game is the perfect example of what Nintendo hope to achieve, instantly accessible and a lot of fun.

Tennis has been pushed forward as the leading sport in this title and with good reason; it’s by far the easiest sport to grasp literally requiring no pre-game instructions. You simply pick up your racket and swing away.

Of course not every sport is going to you have you smiling, gently shoving your friends out of position as the adverts on the television may suggest. You’ll have your favorites, but there will be one or maybe two you avoid unless showing someone the game for the first time. I found myself playing baseball a few times before the novelty of the controller wore off quite quickly, and boxing was just too unresponsive to keep me interested. I enjoyed bowling so much because it made me believe I was playing bowling, even down to the sore arm the next day whereas boxing left me feeling as stupid as I looked.

This game is definitely all about the gameplay, seeing these egg like human beings bobbling around the screen can be quite a shock at first, I was certainly taken aback at how basic it all looked. But this was never meant to be the focal point of Wii Sports and the amount of fun you do have is enough to keep your mind of the visuals.

While you do have the old saying, the best things in life are free there also is another phrase that describes this game well; you get what you pay for. Once the Wii gets into full swing Wii Sports will be quickly forgotten. But you must take this game for what it is, a free glorified tech demo put into every console in order for its consumers to get to grips with the Wii Remote while using as little thinking power as possible.

It has accomplished that and I haven’t had this much pleasure from playing a videogame in a very long time, in that respect you could regard Wii Sports as the greatest launch title ever, it may not be the best but it’s a great sign of things to come.