Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Evolution has always been the name of the game when it came to the Pro Evolution Soccer series, with every installment bringing seemingly insignificant tweaks and subtle changes to the already tried and tested formula, it’s these small tweaks however that take the series forward and put it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, and always bettering it’s main competitor; itself.

Although happy in their own ignorance it seems, Konami have settled for merely matching it’s predecessor whereas EA have taken a tired, used and abused series in Fifa and have given it a new lease of life really taking advantage of the power at their disposal. Konami have been a little too narrow-minded which to many, has cost them their once unrivalled title of ‘best in genre’.

All doom and gloom it certainly isn’t, regardless of Konami’s blatant laziness they still have produced a title that recreates it’s chosen sport better than any other game on the market. Passing has been quickened while the overall action has slowed down, it doesn’t make sense but as you play you will understand. It is no longer a case of taking it past defenders, passing is absolutely crucial and a Ronaldo-like rush of blood to the head in your own half can, and will at the hands of a skilled player, cost you the match.

The most noticeable difference this year is the shooting, to be blunt; it’s difficult. Every player doesn’t have the killer finish of Van Nistelrooy anymore; individual stats really do make the difference. Body position and momentum will decide how powerful and accurate a shot is, if the ball is underneath your feet be prepared to see the ball loft over the goal into row Z. It all takes a lot of practice that makes it all the more rewarding when you slot in from a tight angle. If you master shooting you can turn game on its head in an instant.

Everyone loves a bit of eye candy and for a game on a next generation console Pro Evolution Soccer 6 severely disappoints. Again, while EA have really grabbed the power at their disposal by the balls to deliver a feast for the eyes, Konami seem to have given the game a go over with the next gen spit ‘n shine brush. It all looks very crisp and having slated the visuals the player models are very good for the most part. If anything, the visuals pretty much sum up this entire game, lazy. And disappointing.

The real meat of the game will be online, after the catastrophe that was the online mode in Pro Evo 5 anything would have been an improvement. Games are easy enough to come by but it’s just a shame sporting players aren’t. Lag can be crippling but with a decent connection and a few friendly players it is a load of fun, but it will never capture the genius of playing with a few friends in the same room.

Konami this time round have done the bare minimum to keep players such as myself paying 40 pounds to play their games, but it does beg the question, what on earth have they been doing all year? The ‘next gen’ Pro Evo has even been stripped down, losing a full edit mode and depending on what kind of person you are, not having the option to save replays really grates. Konami have taken two steps forward and one step back, it’s still progress nonetheless but I expected more. It has kept its crown for another year and I hope that a full year with the next gen consoles will produce something more worthy of the name.

  • walking leaf

    Nice review Leroy, but I believe the Xbox 360 version is the inferior compared to the PlayStation 2. The quality in the PS2 is much better with no slowdown and fully adjustable edit mode, plus more leagues/teams that were missing on the Xbox 360…

    But I agree with some of the points you made about shooting, passing and the visual look in PES 6.

  • I guess it is all about preference, i prefer the slower paced action of the 360 version. It seems more tactical which suits my style of play better.

    Both excellent games but i really couldn’t score it any higher due to the lack of evolution this year.