Photoshop CS3 Beta download

Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photoshop is the leading photo manipulation application used by graphic professionals and the software developer has just released a new Beta version demo of Creative Suite 3.0 for the PC and Macintosh platform.

The new Photoshop CS3 is now running on Universal Binary (first time on a Mac) that will work at its optimum performance under Intel’s Core 2 Duo Processors.

So what are the new features in Photoshop CS3? Well here is a list of notable items in the industry standard digital imaging software:

Non-destructive Smart Filters

Smart Filters are Photoshop filters that are applied non-destructively, and that remain live and re-editable.

Quick Selection Tool

The new Quick Selection Tool creates selections by painting the general area of interest.

Refine Edge

The new Refine Edge feature offers a simple, flexible way to modify the edge of any selection.

Automatic layer alignment and blending

Using automatic layer alignment and blending, easily combine the best parts of multiple images of the same scene into one “best” image.

Vanishing Point with multiple, adjustable angle perspective planes
One of the most powerful new features of Photoshop CS2 is now even more flexible. Vanishing Point adjusts brush strokes, healing and cloning as you paint over its perspective planes.

Black and White conversion

Advanced black-and-white conversion is now simpler and faster. With the new Black and White adjustment, one button analyzes the image and offers conversion settings.

Enhanced Adobe Camera
Camera Raw 4.0 now features Fill Light, Recovery, and Vibrance controls.

In addition, a new user interfaces, with an upgrade to Adobe Bridge plus an all-new Adobe Device Central. This new application will allow Photoshop users to design, preview, and test mobile content, created specifically for smaller screens.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta is available in English only. Customers who have a valid serial number for all other language versions of qualifying Adobe products can still download the software.

Even without a serial number, Adobe will still allow users to download a version of Photoshop CS3 beta that will expire after two days. However, customers must register online (which is free) with Adobe or have an existing membership account to access the software.

Download Photoshop CS3 Beta here

To see the new Photoshop in action with video commentary, see this link here

  • flo

    Prices for the same product (here the mac design premium upgrade from CS2.0) :
    – 599$ for the US
    – 1’057$ for Switzerland Oo
    – 1’134$ in France and Germany,
    and last but no least, tadaaa !
    – 1’178 $ for the UK… the great winner !
    No, Don’t blame the taxes, they’re not included in those prices !

    190% of the US price ! what’s wrong with them guys ?
    A petition has been lanched if you feel like expressing your disgust and feeling of being ripped off here

    more info and details here