Pixar :: The very first CG animated test

Where it all began… 1984.
Pixar luxo jr First film

John Lasseter, employee at the computing department for Disney industries, make a first test to demonstrate power of computers animated technology.
The legend says after the meeting with his superiors, he got a phone call where he was told he was fired from Disney. Funny when you know he is now Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Disney animation studios) (wiki)

Anyway ok, Disney didn’t believed this new medium may have any consistent potential.
But Lasseter and LucasFilm did. John was hired by LucasFilm soon afterwards, and they continued their research in using their specialized computer workstations and software for animation.
Someone called Steve Jobs bought the company from George Lucas in 1986 and Gave it the strange name of Pixar…by then, he wasn’t sure filmmaking should be the company’s primary business focus ^^, Lasseter had to prove it. Seems like he managed to…

Well…^^ Anyone doesn’t know how things continued to grow ?

This very first try is now released on youtube. See how the improvement has been big since ; )

  • I’m not much of a fan of Pixar. Now if they made a film with substance then I’d like them, but that’s not what they do…

  • walking leaf

    I have been impressed by the advancing technology used in computer animation and Pixar is a good example. Compare the visual quality of it’s first film with Toy Story back in 1995 with Cars in 2006. The animation and visual effects are becoming more life-like that traditional ‘stop-go’ animation that Walt Disney used to make is seen as old and tired.

  • flo

    Janus ^^ You can’t ask every movie to have the deep melancholy of a Bergman movie, would you ?
    I used to avoid light comedies myself as I always feel like there was nothing in it but propaganda, silly humor and honey.
    But if you’ve seen Nemo, you can’t say the characters are flat and flavorless. And some dialogues in there are really funny and far from being stupid.
    Beside, technically wise, as it was the purpose in this post, you can’t say they’re lazy and empty. To me creation isn’t about a great message to deliver. When I see super nicely animated characters, it shows me how sensitive they and eventually we can be to the creatures around .
    I tempt as well to always suspect big companies to sell bad products with the help of heavy advertising.
    But on this, I can’t help but say they’re good : )

    ps: I’m not paid by Pixar to write this ^_^

    Leaf, I completly agree with you : )

    Thanks for comments both of you : )

  • technical achievement is for nothing though if you can’t back it up with something more than soft entertainment. The technical should go with the deep stuff, makes or a good combination.