Can’t afford the next-gen consoles? Buy a retro instead

Sega Dreamcast

If you are having difficulties buying the latest next generation consoles due to a shortage of cash, why not purchase some retro gaming systems that are significantly cheaper?

This novel idea of buying a dated console with games that are new or old can be more entertaining than the ‘photo realistic’ graphics provided by the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Some say that the games made in the 1980s were much better to play than now…

As suggested by The San Francisco Chronicle (link here): “Just because you don’t have $250 for a Nintendo Wii, $400 for an Xbox 360 or a suitcase full of cash for a PlayStation 3 on eBay, doesn’t mean your loved ones can’t be blowing stuff up and decapitating zombies into the New Year. While many of the newer video game platforms are ridiculously expensive and in short supply right now, you can find incredible bargains on the nostalgia gaming market.”

Writer Peter Hartlaub recommends going back to at least three generations for the real nostalgic feel highlighting the affordable purchases such as a Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Atari 2600, or even discounted PC games.

In addition, the underrated Sega Dreamcast – which has become a cult classic to retro gamers with a range of fantastic games – is also recommended.

  • Ah I love retro gaming anyway and while kids expecting a Nintendo Wii and that for christmas only to find out that they’ve got a Dreamcast won’t be overly happy, its still a nice console. Even the almighty SNES is worth a pop with its quality videogames that you can buy off the net 2nd hand however I will never sell mine… Even though I have to lean the cart back for it to play games now >_<

  • walking leaf

    Retro gaming is the best. I love the Sega Dreamcast especially Virtua Tennis and Power Stone. Quality gameplay action.

    As for the Super Nintendo, got this last year as a Christmas gift. A real bargain from eBay. Two controllers with six games including Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart for only £60!

  • good deal,

    paying ~120$ for super nintendo in 2006 =X