Britney Spears the most searched on Yahoo!

Britney Spears

American singer Britney Spears may not have released a new record for some time but she has been named the most searched in 2006 by Internet search engine Yahoo!

The star, who recently announced her split from husband Kevin Federline, has topped the search hitlist five times out of the last six years.

“Why she keeps ranking top… is beyond me,” said Cathi Early of Yahoo.

She said: “I don’t think people are just sitting in front of their computers looking for Britney.”

Female celebrities dominated the top 10 overall search list, with Shakira at number three, Jessica Simpson at number four and Paris Hilton at number five.

Wrestling TV network WWE was the second most searched for item of 2006.

The top news story search of 2006 was the death of Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, followed by the death of the son of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

“It was human interest stories that really captured people’s attention,” said Ms Early.

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