Halo 3 trailer and Beta registration

Halo 3

The most anticipated game on the Xbox 360, Bungie’s Halo 3, has just released a new trailer featuring Master Chief.

Click here to see the new video in High Definition mode.

Looks promising so far and if you want to help out in developing this game then please registration here for the Beta programme (this is only applies for American gamers, but Bungie promises it will be widely available in Europe and the rest of world soon).

To participate, you must have:

• An Xbox 360 with a hard-drive
• A valid Xbox Live Gold subscription
• A valid Microsoft .NET Passport account with an Xbox Live GamertTag linked to it.

More information on the Beta-sign up can be found on halo3.com.

  • The Halo 3 trailer looks really cool. Anyone notice the shield grenade? That will be SWEEET!

  • Mr Samurai

    Indeed the shield is very sweet, hopefully you will be able to use this new device on multiplayer matches. I wanna see someone slip a grenade in someone using that shield thing and trapped in the small area with a grenade, HAHA!

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