My Wii has been shipped…


Soon that will by my grubby hand on a Wii…

Yep, its been shipped from Canada and it has cost me $60 CAD to ship over here >_< I'm going to dread the customs tax on the thing as well. So what exactly has shipped? The console, Wii Sports, an extra Wiimote and Trauma Centre. What about Zelda I hear you cry... Well thats exactly what I've been thinking... I did pre-order it along with the console and that but it hasn't been shipped! Yet anyway. I hope it does soon though as thats the main game I want on the Wii for now.As soon as the baby arrives I'll post more details here for you all ^_^

  • walking leaf

    Wow, you are so lucky NeoBladeFX. The official American launch takes place today (November 19th) and your imported Wii will be coming soon. Let us know what you think!

    As for Zelda, this game is in high demand and I would think that all the copy are all sold out.