iTouch that iYoko!


Videogames taking advantage of the touch screen offered on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is nothing new, however it does open possibilities for those interested in more Ecchi or Hentai like games. Ever wanted to give Gurren Lagann’s Yoko a prod and a poke? Well, thanks to the Japanese mobile content company, Media Magic, now you can!

iYoko” is an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch application taking the ever popular and busty Yoko from Gurren Lagann as the main focus where she reacts to your every touch, where-ever that might be. Depending on how often and indeed where you touch iYoko, her mood changes to reflect it.

iYoko is also sensitive to the various changing conditions such as the time, calendar events and other factors giving off different audio cues when prompted to be more interactive with your daily routine.

The application goes beyond just offering something to touch, it can even handle your contacts by offering various Gurren Lagann characters as icons and even has a little mini game where you have to find Boota hidden somewhere on Yoko herself.

If you want some touchy-feely action then iYoko is available now in Japan, USA and Europe via the iTunes store for £2.99.

iYoko iYoko2 iYoko3 iYoko4 iYoko5


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