Flashing a Custom ROM to your Android Mobile

If you have just rooted your Android handset then you must be dying to flash one of the many Custom ROMs out there which are often based on the latest code and are much more optimised than stock firmware. For this guide we will be using the superb latest Cyanogen build which is compatible with the HTC/T-Mobile G1 and HTC/Vodafone Magic handsets, as well as the newer Nexus One!

If you were following on from the How to Root your Vodafone Magic Guide or the How to Root the G1 Guide then you should already have the latest Cyanogen ROM on your SD Card. If not, go and download it here and put it on your SD Card.

  • Boot into the Recovery (Amon_RA) if you are not there already
  • Scroll down to Wipe and press on the trackball. Scroll on wipe data/factory reset and press the trackball. Press Home to confirm the action

  • Press the Back button and select Flash zip from sdcard
  • Find the file called DRC83_base_defanged.zip and press on the trackball. Press Home to confirm the action. This will Flash the Defanged Base to your Magic so wait until the process is finished.
  • Without rebooting, now apply the CyanogenMod ROM by scrolling to the update-cm- file and press the trackball down. Press Home to confirm the action
  • Reboot

Please note that the very first bootup may be a bit slow so be patient. You should notice a nice new boot animation as well with the signature Cyanogen logo. Congratulations and welcome to the world of custom Android builds! From here enjoy the fantastic added features, speed and stability this ROM offers over the Stock build and look forward to future updates from Cyanogen. Of course from here on in you can also flash other ROMs too but be sure to do a Nandroid backup first!

Troubleshooting For Vodafone Magic or Bootloops

If after 10 minutes the phone has not booted past the Vodafone screen then hold down the Send, End and Menu buttons together (also known as the Three-Finger-Salute). This will reboot the Magic and as soon as it does, hold the Home button to return to the Recovery.

  • Scroll and press on Enable USB mode and your phone will now mount the SD card to your computer.
  • Re-Download the latest Cyanogen ROM and over-write the version on your SD Card.
  • Eject the SD card from your computer by Right-clicking on the SD Card then click on Eject
  • Press Home on your Magic to return it to the Recovery menu
  • Follow the steps again to Flash a Custom ROM to your Mobile

  • Ciaran

    Such a simple guide, the XDA wiki went straight over my head! Thanks.

  • Anthony

    Very good guide – I've for the last month been doing it the hard way having to do a lot of the research for myself (with a lot of mis-steps and wasted time along the way). I wish I found this at the beginning!

    Anyway I'm having a problem where having flashed my SPL, and managed to run myhero ROM, I can't seem to get any others working. It is a Vodafone UK 32B, so wondering if you know of anything that may help!

    I'm comfortable with fastboot, have managed to get the engineering SPL on there, and flash several ROMs, but whenever I try and boot them I just get a HTC logo, and the phone locks up. Flashing Cyanogen it gets no further than this HTC screen, same with any other ROM I try, which is very frustrating!

    Any ideas are welcome,

  • wibbsy


    Have you flashed the radio to your ukvoda magic? If so any success and did you do it following the CM upgrade?

    I'm interested in doing it as I get very poor signal especially in part of Wales!