Sweeten that sex life with Cola Lotion (SFW)


Yes, you’ve read that right, in Japan they are selling you this Cola flavoured lotion that is aimed to make that special moment that more… Sticky?

Nice sticky Japanese novelty lotion in rich cola scent, it is edible, suitable for massage or lubricantion. Have fun!

They got so excited that in their description they spelt lubrication incorrectly! Coming in at 500ml, this Cola Lotion is rich in cola aroma and taste will set you back 700 Yen (around £5) for some fizzing fun. The label comes with an attractive anime girl sporting an American flag bra with the tag line “Pleasure and Exciting”.

What other bizarre flavours of lotion have you seen for sale?

Cola_Lotion03 Cola_Lotion02 Cola_Lotion01

  • You have a startling blog. Thanks for escalating my awareness. I was not well-known with it. For more update I will stay more.

  • Cant wait to get my hands on that stuff!!