USB Storage coming to XBOX 360?

According to gaming website Joystick, the answer is yes! Previously the only external storage solution for the Xbox 360 was the Microsoft-produced Memory Unit, which was an expensive way to save demo’s and gamesaves on. However according to reports, sometime this year you will be able to use your cheap USB Pen drives of up to 16GB on your XBOX 360 as external storage. 512MB will be reserved as a System Partition and then the remainder of the space will be used much like your current Hard Drive, as storage for installing games, demo’s, music etc. Also you can only use up to two separate USB Pen drives on your own XBOX 360 because they have to be registered beforehand to be useable.

They would have to be formatted into Microsoft’s XBOX 360 file format first for it to be used and thus potentially rendering it only usable on your XBOX360. I can see however this potentially opening up a few things in the XBOX 360 development scene, especially if they are able to create tools to not only read the gamesaves and data, but also to edit them.

Either way this is great news for XBOX 360 gamers as they now have a more cost effective manner of using external storage and should quieten down the lawsuit previously filed by Datel.

  • This is great news if I want to expand my current Xbox 360 memory capability, though I do have the 120GB HDD version! It's nice to have the opportunity to copy and transfer your game saves, demos, video and music with a Flash USB drive.