EA Sports announces Sports Active 2.0 with new sensors

EA have always been known for its sports titles and they have embraced the new culture towards interactive fitness with great aplomb with their Active series released on the Nintendo Wii. EA though are looking to expand upon this by announcing Active 2.0 on the Wii, PS3, iPod Touch and the iPhone by claiming to deliver “true fitness results by featuring an innovative wireless control system powered by new leg and arm straps with motion sensors, a heart rate monitor to capture intensity and a new online hub to track and share workout data.

Active 2.0 looks to support two motion sensors plus one heart rate monitor to realistic capture your movements and feel to the game. The usual array of training exercises along with the organiser for regular workouts is to be expected but as of yet, it is unsure how this all ties into the iPod Touch and iPhone versions. No word as well of a possible Natal XBOX360 version as well to date.