New Metroid: Other M Trailer

A new trailer for the Team Ninja and Nintendo produced Metroid title has been released, giving us a glimpse of the quality of the CG in the game as well as the voice acting, in particular Samus as she takes a more vocal role in the game this time out.

No new gameplay details are shown, or indeed any actual real-time graphics which is a shame but it does illustrate how Team Ninja are trying to take Metroid into a different direction by giving it a richer storyline and presentation polish to hopefully match the classic gameplay that previous titles possessed.

With Metroid: Other M being released in the USA sometime in July, it won’t be too long a wait to see if this title can really live up to expectations.

  • Impressive video for Metroid: Other M. I am not surprised that no other gameplay or intro footage has been shown as Nintendo is clamping down on all leaks. In fact, one certain video appeared on YouTube when NOE (Nintendo of Europe) hosted a press event in London last week.

    My sister, who works for the gaming giant, was really pissed off when a video game journalist filmed the footage of the new game in action with a mobile camera and then uploaded onto YouTube. This was a PR nightmare and she worked through hell to shut down this leak. In the end, it was seen over 20,000 times but the video has been taking down. Damage has been done and she is annoyed that this leak happened.

  • Don’t think I saw the video when it was leaked but from reading reports of the game its shaping up well. Massive risk by making it a Wiimote only game (no nunchuck) but it gives a flavour of nostalgia when using it like a NES pad; only to then go modern again when you point it to the screen and the game turns into a FPS.

    I loved Super Matroid to bits, Prime was very good also, so Other M has a lot to live up to.

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