Canaan – the NEW free browser-based MMORPG

A brand new anime styled game is now available to play, within your web browser! Coming from the gPotato team, this looks pretty stylish and fun to play. We will be giving this a playthrough soon with impressions and thoughts but for now you can play it right now, for free! Here’s the press release:

The gPotato team is pleased to announce the reopening of Canaan Online. Whether you played the game during the beta test or are a new player, we look forward to seeing you in-game!

Since the beta test ended, we have made many changes to the game based on the feedback and suggestions we received. Your feedback is always appreciated, and we will continue to improve the game based on your experience.

For those of you who are new to Canaan:

• Canaan Online is free for life, and requires no download to play. You can play straight
from your browser!
• You can play one of four unique classes: Warrior, Priest, Ranger, and Mage.
• You can capture and raise many pets to help you in combat.
• Meet other adventurers and make friends. You can form a guild with your friends and
adventure together!
• Explore vast landscapes and fight lots of monsters along the way.

For everyone who reached level 15 during the beta test, you will have kept your character name and will receive a special beta pet in your in-game mailbox to show our appreciation for your participation and feedback.

Remember, we are now no longer testing. This is the real thing, and your characters will not be wiped!

Give us your thoughts about this free MMORPG!